Report a move in Groningen

A move is more than just physically moving your things. It is also a process of administrative changes, where you have to ensure that your new address is correctly communicated to authorities, companies and government services. Whether you are moving to a new home in Groningen or leaving this vibrant province, reporting your move is an essential step to prevent problems in the future.

Why reporting your move is important

Reporting your move to the municipality in Groningen and other relevant authorities is of great importance for several reasons. First of all, it ensures that your mail and important information are delivered to the right address. In addition, your address plays a role in matters such as taxes, benefits, and other government services. If you do not report your move on time, fines and administrative complications may arise.

Inform the municipality of Groningen

Reporting your move to the Municipality of Groningen is one of the first steps you must take. This can be done in various ways, such as online via the municipal website, by telephone, or in person at the town hall. It is important to have your ID at hand, as this is often needed to confirm your move.

Change of address at Groningen water company

In addition to the municipality, you must also pass on your new address to authorities such as the Groningen Water Company. This is important to ensure that your water connection and bills are arranged correctly at your new location.

Register with the municipality of Groningen

If you're new to Groningen, you should too register at the municipality. This is a mandatory step that must be completed within a certain timeframe. You will need a valid ID for this and sometimes other documents, depending on your situation. 

Change of address at other agencies

In addition to the municipality and the water company, there are other authorities and companies that must be informed of your move. This includes your bank, employer, insurance company, and subscriptions such as newspapers and magazines.

Report a move online: quickly and efficiently

Fortunately, the Municipality of Groningen offers an online platform where you can report your move. This is often the fastest and most efficient way to do this. You can complete a moving form on the municipality's website with your new details and the moving date. This will save you time and effort compared to visiting the town hall in person.

The use of DigiD when moving

A handy tool that you can use when Report your move online is DigiD. With DigiD you can identify yourself online at various government agencies and services, including the municipality. This not only increases the security of your data, but also speeds up the process of reporting your move.

How and when to report your move

It is advisable to report your move as early as possible, ideally four weeks before you actually move will move. This gives authorities sufficient time to update your details and make administrative changes before you live at your new address.

After the move

Have you moving company in Groningen unloaded the last things and discovered that you did not report the move on time? Do this as soon as possible after the move. It is important to communicate your new address within the specified period to avoid any problems.

Moving within Groningen or to Groningen

Whether you already live in Groningen and are moving within the municipality, or are moving from outside Groningen to this lively province, reporting your move is a similar process. In both cases, it is very important to pass on your new address to the relevant authorities. The new municipality will automatically pass on your move to the old municipality, so you no longer have to do this yourself.

How to inform the new municipality

If you move to Groningen from another municipality, you must not only report your move to the Municipality of Groningen, but also to your old municipality. This is important to ensure that you are correctly deregistered from your old municipality and registered with the new municipality. This means that you will always receive proof of registration after your registration. 

Report a move through various channels

In addition to the online option, many agencies also offer the option of reporting your move online, in person or in writing. Choose the method that suits you best and make sure you have all the information you need to make the process go smoothly. Do you want the Report your move in person? Then you must request an appointment from the municipality. 

The importance of correct registration

Correct registration with the Municipality of Groningen is very important. This not only affects administrative matters, but also your right to certain facilities and services within the municipality. Make sure you provide all necessary documents and information to ensure a smooth registration.

Contact the municipality of Groningen for assistance

If you have any questions about reporting your move in Groningen or need help completing forms, do not hesitate to contact the municipality. They often provide support and guidance to ensure your move goes smoothly.


Reporting your move in Groningen is an important step to ensure that your new adventure runs without administrative bumps. Whether you are moving within the municipality or to Groningen, following the correct steps and reporting your new address to the relevant authorities in a timely manner is essential. With the availability of online platforms and useful tools such as DigiD, the process is now easier than ever before. Make sure you report your move within the specified deadlines to avoid fines and problems. Moving is an exciting new phase, and by reporting your move correctly, you can start your new adventure in Groningen with peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I report my move by telephone?

No, you really have to go to the town hall or arrange this online with your DigiD.

How long does it take for my move to be processed?

Processing time may vary depending on the agency and how busy it is at that time. In general, the municipality of central Groningen strives to process your move within a few working days.

Do I need written permission to change my address?

For some changes, such as to a rental property, written permission from the landlord may be required before you can change your address. Consult the municipality of the province of Groningen for more information.

How can I report my move if I am a resident of another municipality?

If you move to Groningen from another municipality, you must report your move to both your old municipality and the Municipality of Groningen. This ensures that you are deregistered and registered correctly.

Are there fines for not reporting my move in time?

Yes, in some cases fines may be imposed if you do not report your move in time. It is therefore advisable to report your move as soon as possible to avoid problems. So report your move on time.