Report a move to Eindhoven

Whether you are moving within Eindhoven, coming from outside or leaving the city, report your move to the municipality in Eindhoven is of great importance. It enables the municipality to maintain a correct basic registration of people, which is essential for various government services.

Certificate of occupancy

Reporting your move also helps in obtaining proof of occupancy. This proof may be required, for example, for tax returns, applying for subsidies, or other official procedures.

inform about a change of address

By reporting your move, you ensure that important authorities and companies are aware of your new address. Think of the tax authorities, health insurers, banks and other service providers.

Steps for reporting a move

When you will move you have to arrange everything properly. Are you moving to Eindhoven? Then of course you have to yourself register in the municipality Eindhoven. To ensure that your move goes smoothly, we have listed a few useful tips for you to arrange your registration as best as possible. Do you have any questions? Please contact the municipality of Eindhoven so that an employee can help you further. 

Online via the municipality

You can often easily report your move in Eindhoven online via the municipality's website. You do need a DigiD for this.

In person at the city office

If you want to personally report your move around Eindhoven, you can go to the Eindhoven city office. Make an appointment in advance and report your move on the agreed date.

By mail

It is also possible to report your move by post. Send a letter with your new address details to the municipality.

When do you have to report the move?

It is advisable to report your move no later than four weeks before the moving date. This gives the municipality sufficient time to update your details. When you move, you must notify the municipality of your new address no later than five days after the move. This can prevent fines.

Parking permit and moving van

If you are moving within Eindhoven, you can inquire with the municipality about possible parking permits for the moving van. This prevents hassle on moving day.

Help from professional movers

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Moving to Eindhoven

If you move to Eindhoven, you must register with the municipality and provide your new address. This is important for your registration in the Personal Records Database (BRP).

Contact with the municipality of Eindhoven

Contact the municipality of Eindhoven to find out which documents you need for registration and change of address. A valid ID is usually required.

Moving outside Eindhoven

Are you moving from Eindhoven to another municipality? Then make sure you inform the new municipality of your move.

Proof of deregistration

If you move outside Eindhoven, you can request proof of deregistration from the municipality. You will receive this later by post, usually by post. This can come in handy come when you report your move to other agencies.

Moving company in Eindhoven

Are you going to move? Then consider hiring a moving company in Eindhoven. This saves you time, effort and stress. Movers will take over the heavy loads from you and ensure a smooth move. As you have read before, Moving can help you very well with this.


Whether you are moving within, to, or from Eindhoven, it Report your move to the municipality is an important step. It not only helps you to ensure that administrative processes run smoothly, but also to obtain proof of occupancy and notify important authorities. With the right steps and possibly the help of a professional moving company, you can look forward to your move to Eindhoven with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I also report my move by post? 

Yes, it is possible to notify the municipality of Eindhoven of your move by post. 

Do I have to visit the municipality in person? 

No, you can also report your move online via the municipality's website. Would you still like to report the move to the municipality in person? Then you must make an appointment in advance. 

What documents are required for a change of address? 

A valid proof of identity, such as a Dutch identity card or alien document, is required.

How far in advance should I notify my move? 

It is recommended that you report your move no later than four weeks before or within 5 days after the moving date. If you do not report this four weeks before the move or 5 days afterwards, you risk a fine of up to €325.

Can I apply for a parking permit for the moving van? 

Yes, if you are moving in the Eindhoven region, you can inquire with the municipality of Eindhoven about parking permits for the moving van.