Report a move to Almere

Moving is an exciting step in our lives, full of new possibilities and adventures. If you are planning your move to Almere, it is essential to know how to plan your move municipality of Almere and handles all administrative steps effectively. In this article you will discover step by step how you can report your move to Almere, using modern online tools and services offered by the municipality.

Report your move to the municipality of Almere

A new city means new opportunities, but also new responsibilities. The municipality of Almere is ready to help you make your move go smoothly. From the moment you get your moving plans makes, up to the day of the move itself, the municipality offers support and guidance.

Report your move to the municipality. How and where?

Notifying the municipality of your move is a crucial step. This can easily be done online via the official website of the municipality of Almere. This online service allows you to report your move at a time that suits you best, without any hassle.

Report your move online

The process of your report a move is simple and effective. All you have to do is go to the municipality of Almere's website and complete the specific 'notify your move' form. Make sure you fill in all necessary information correctly, such as your new address and moving date.


To use the municipality's online services, including reporting your move, you need a DigiD. This digital identifier allows you to securely and easily access your personal information and online services.

Moving to Almere

Would you like to report your move in person? Then this is of course also possible. However, you must first make an appointment with the municipality. You can make an appointment by telephone, but you can also do this online with your DigiD.

Moving from abroad to Almere

If you are moving to Almere from abroad, there are some additional steps you need to take into account. It is vital to report your move in time, so that you can enjoy your new life in Almere without any problems.

Personal Records Database (BRP) for Relocation

The Personal Records Database (BRP) is an important aspect of your move. As soon as you report your move, the municipality will ensure that your personal details are correctly updated in the BRP, so that you are officially registered at your new address in Almere.

Moving companies in Almere

Yourself with a new one register the municipality is not very difficult. That is why we would like to explain to you how this all works so that you can go through it all yourself without any errors.

Moving abroad

If you are moving abroad from Almere, there are some important steps you need to take. It report your move to the municipality and other relevant authorities is of great importance to ensure that your administrative affairs are properly arranged, even when you are in another country.


Moving to Almere offers exciting opportunities, and thanks to modern online services and support from the municipality of Almere, this process can run smoothly and easily. By reporting your move in a timely and correct manner, you ensure that your new adventure in Almere starts without administrative worries. Whether you are moving within Almere or coming from abroad to this vibrant city, the municipality of Almere is ready to help you with every step of your moving journey. Prepare for a new chapter in your life, full of possibilities in beautiful Almere.

Moving company Almere

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Frequently Asked Questions

When do I have to report my move to the municipality of Almere?

The municipality where you are going to live, in this case Almere, wants you to report your move four weeks before or a maximum of five working days after your moving date. This applies to most municipalities in the Netherlands.

What documents do I need to report my move?

You usually need an application form, also known as a moving declaration. Sometimes you will also be asked for a purchase/rental contract and you will of course need a valid ID.

What is the role of DigiD in reporting my move?

If you do not have time to visit the town hall or you do not have time to request an appointment, you can choose to report the move online and you will need your DigiD for this.

Do I have to report my move if I am moving within Almere?

Of course. In this case, you must report a change of address.

How long will it take before my move is officially registered?

You will usually receive confirmation within 5 working days after moving.