Moving during corona: can and should you plan a move?

Until 2020, who would have ever imagined that a virus called the 'corona virus' would have such an impact on the world? Worldwide we were faced with special measures, guidelines and not to mention the lockdowns. People no longer knew what they could do, because what was actually still allowed and what was no longer possible?

Corona also affected a move

These times were also very different for moving companies, but of course the moving world had to keep going. You can imagine that it was difficult for a moving team during every move to kindly explain the measures to everyone because nobody knew exactly what it was and this could of course cause some differences of opinion.

Understanding was and is very important

Moving during corona meant taking care of people during a difficult period of every person on earth during a move. It was therefore not only important to move the goods dry and safely to the new home during the move, but the residents, movers and other people had to be in safe conditions during the move.

Moving during corona therefore required special measures and luckily people understood this at the time.

Moving companies during the corona pandemic

Fortunately, the current situation in the Netherlands and almost in the entire world is different. Yes, professional movers had to keep working during movers, but as you have read earlier, this required the necessary measures during a move that everyone had to adhere to. You can think of wearing face masks during the move, allowing one person per day into the home and keeping one and a half meters away.

Why are relocations essential to society?

As you have read before, relocations are essential for a society. But why is this actually? Can't you just postpone a move and moving a number of moving boxes? You will move And this doesn't have to happen right now, does it? Nothing could be further from the truth and we are happy to explain why.

Moving isn't always fun

It is often a very nice affair. A move to probably a much bigger house. People who can finally move into their new home. They often had to wait a very long time for this.

However, a move is unfortunately not always as fun as is often thought at first. A move is sometimes not voluntary at all. These are of course less fun situations and unfortunately these situations often cannot be postponed.

Specific moving situations

Relocations are sometimes necessary. Think of elderly people with dementia or partners who leave each other. You can probably imagine that in the event of a divorce you no longer want to or cannot even live in a home with your ex-partner. Not at all when children are involved. Also consider situations in which domestic violence is involved and the lives of those involved are in danger. In this case it is of course important that a mover can take care of the move as quickly as possible and put all household effects on transport.

Houses had already been sold

Of course there were also people who had sold their home before corona started and now had to move to a new home. Of course they just need their stuff and furniture. It's not like they just decided one day or another that they wanted to move. They just didn't have a home anymore.

Relocations must always be possible

As you can see, it could cause huge problems if professional movers could no longer do their job. Of course, the Dutch government also understood this. If movers could no longer do their work, people would simply continue move yourself during corona and ask for help from family and friends, for example, instead of a professional mover. During such an uncertain time as the corona pandemic, that would be very irresponsible and ultimately only make the situation worse.

Recognized Movers had drawn up additional guidelines during the pandemic

The Dutch moving industry of Recognized Movers has new ones during the pandemic guidelines drafted. The sector organization of Recognized Movers has also drawn up an additional manual to help professional movers. This is a manual that has been agreed in collaboration with the Dutch government. Recognized Movers have of course provided the necessary clarity in the moving world.

Moving Netherlands

You may remember the measures, but the moving team of the moving company So, like the rest of the Netherlands, had to adhere to measures and protect itself extra as a precaution. Like other Dutch people, for example, movers had to keep an appropriate distance, wear face masks and were not allowed to shake hands. In this way, the move could be carried out safely.

What were the most important corona measures?

As you have read, relocations during corona demanded the necessary measures. During corona, the following guidelines were important during moves:

The amount of people

Only a maximum number of people were allowed to help during the move. These were obviously professional movers and friends and/or family were not welcome to help with the move. This was of course very unfortunate for the people who had to move, because during the move your immediate environment can always assist you.

1.5-metre distance

Not only had to keep a distance of 1.5 meters in the supermarket, but also during the move. You can imagine that this could sometimes be a bit complicated for the movers.

(Unauthorized) movers and corona

A planning a move This was of course possible during the pandemic, but if even one person from the moving team had symptoms, the entire planning had to be changed. And planning is of course extremely important during moves and without good planning everything goes wrong.

That is why moving companies were always checked for coughing, respiratory complaints and, for example, fever. Furthermore, there were always movers on standby who could take over the sick movers. The movers who had symptoms had to report immediately to the local GGD so that they could be tested.

Points of attention that were extra important

As you can read, it was necessary for a moving company to work with extra strict rules. As explained earlier, these rules were actually not very different from the rules that the rest of the Netherlands must adhere to. You can think of washing your hands regularly, using paper tissues and keeping your distance. So these rules were very important. In this way, the moving company, together with the customers, was able to make the move as safe as possible for everyone involved.

Your move ready with a suitable solution

Safety is always the top priority for moving companies. That is why valuations were carried out via video calling during the pandemic. In this way unnecessary contact could be avoided and no one had to be near each other. Actually, this is no longer necessary, because video calling is something that moving companies still do today. A good estimate can also be made via video calling. So you can see that every disadvantage also has its advantages.

Were you able to cancel a move during the pandemic?

Of course, Recognized Movers all have the same General Terms and Conditions and with them you could move the move to another date in consultation. Furthermore, unrecognized moving companies all have their own General Terms and Conditions. What one moving company does, of course, does not have to be done by another and we cannot provide you with any information about this.

Do you want to move this year?

Fortunately, we have passed the worst of the pandemic and we no longer have to deal with rules and guidelines. Unfortunately, the corona disease is still around, but it is not as serious as it was during the pandemic. And that's why it's been a while that people can move 'normally' again.

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