Unique gift ideas for someone who is moving

Gift move

Someone who has just moved is actually asking for a gift, right? Coming up with original gifts to give can be quite tricky because what can you actually give someone? Maybe someone already has the gift you have in mind or it won't fit with the interior of the new home! But what do you give someone?

Original housewarming gift

The trick to the right gift is to think it through. You can also choose 'neutral' gifts that always do well. To make it all a bit easier for you, we have listed a few gifts for you. You can give this very nice to someone who has just moved to a new house.

No stuff like housewarming gifts!

Let's be honest... the best gifts are never stuff. Someone has just moved and probably got rid of everything and is therefore not waiting for new knick-knacks during such a party. That is why our tip is to give help or an experience.

When someone starts living together and starts a house tree animal, these people might be able to offer help. Think of jobs in the house, painting or, for example, building the garden. It might also be nice to give a dinner voucher as a gift.

Do you still want to give a gift?

Are you someone who prefers to give gifts? Then we fully understand this. Actually, this is secretly just a lot of fun. That is why we have tried to put together a list of the best gifts that you can give as a housewarming gift.

A garden gnome

Do your friends or a friend have a garden in their new home? Then it might be funny to give a garden gnome as a gift at the housewarming.

A barbeque

A barbecue can of course also be used with great pleasure on a balcony. Nice with candles and a drink.

A job book

A DIY book as a new house gift is of course very useful. After a move, most people usually immediately grab all the tools to get started and what better gift than in this case?

A nice doormat

A new house naturally also requires a new doormat. Maybe it is a nice gift to give a personalized mat as a gift. You can then order a mat with the name of the people who have just moved or you can have a funny text placed on it!

Don't forget the flowers!

A nice gift as a moving gift are of course always flowers. The recipient can put it on the table or on the cupboard as decoration. Make this a fun one too moving card with supplied letters so that it becomes a unique gift. After all, you have something to celebrate, so choose something nice and give it as a gift!

Not a moving gift

If you really want to spoil a dear friend or family member, you can also organize the entire move. Bee Moving we help you from A to Z with organizing the move and beyond Compare moving companies you can save up to 40% on the move. So if you really want to go big, gift a free move!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you give someone who has just moved?

Someone who has just moved often needs new things. So take a good look at what the person does not yet have in the new home.

What do you give a friend who is moving?

You often give nice photo frames or photo books as a gift to a friend who is moving. This way your girlfriend has your best memories at home!

What do you give a couple as a gift?

Couples love romantic gifts, so maybe you could treat them to dinner? Or a day at the spa?

What do you give someone who is leaving home?

Make a nice moving basket for someone who is moving out of the house with things that are needed in the new home. Think, for example, of kitchen utensils or tasty things for the bathroom.

What do you give someone who doesn't want gifts?

You can give experiences to someone who doesn't want gifts. Consider, for example, a dinner voucher!