Canceling when moving: where to start?

When you move, it is very important to cancel or transfer your subscriptions and services correctly. This prevents unnecessary costs and ensures that you can quickly enjoy your new home. However, canceling subscriptions and arranging services can be a complex process. That is why in this article we offer a handy checklist and practical tips to help you arrange these matters during a move.

The checklist for canceling subscriptions and services when moving

Are you going to move? Then it is important to have your affairs in order. Especially with regard to subscriptions and services, because you obviously don't want to pay twice for them. We are happy to explain to you what you can best do. 

1. Check subscriptions

Before you start canceling your subscription, it is wise to make an overview of all your current contracts. This includes internet and TV subscriptions, energy contracts, telephone and mobile subscriptions, insurance and other fixed costs. Check the end date of each contract and make a note of it in your account moving planning. You can often move some things, such as an internet subscription, with you. Don't you want this? A move is a good time to cancel, so take your chance and switch to a new provider.

2. Provide new address to suppliers

Once you know the new address, it is important to pass this on to all your suppliers as soon as possible. This applies in particular to energy suppliers, insurers and telecom providers. By communicating your new address in a timely manner, you prevent important correspondence from ending up at the wrong address.

3. Energy supplier and insurance

When moving, it is wise to inform your energy supplier and insurers of your new address. Check whether your current energy contract is transferable to your new home. In some cases it may be cheaper to switch to another energy supplier. Contact your insurers to adjust your home contents and buildings insurance to your new situation.

4. Internet and TV subscriptions

When you move, you also want your internet and TV connection to be fast and hassle-free. Ask your current provider whether they also provide services such as TV and calling at your new address. If this is not the case, you can choose to switch to another provider. Compare different providers and choose a subscription that suits your needs and budget. Also ask about fiber optic options.

5. Telephony and mobile subscriptions

Are you moving soon? When moving to a new municipality, it is important to notify your telephone and mobile providers of your change of address. This prevents you from missing invoices and important messages. Also check whether you can cancel the current provider so that you can see whether it might be cheaper to use another provider.

6. Arranging municipal affairs

In addition to canceling subscriptions and arranging services, there are also a number of practical matters that you need to arrange when moving. Think about this Report your move to the municipality, adjusting your registration in the Personal Records Database (BRP), arranging parking permits if necessary, and informing important authorities such as the Tax Authorities and your doctor. Report the move to the municipality in time, otherwise you risk a fine of up to € 325.

Canceling subscriptions and services

1. Assess your current contracts

Before contacting customer service for your subscriptions and services, it is wise to carefully review your current contracts. Check the conditions regarding notice periods and see whether there are options to terminate your contract earlier in the event of a move. If you want to cancel, please note that some contracts cannot be terminated prematurely. 

2. Contact customer service

To correctly cancel or transfer your subscriptions and services, it is important to contact the customer service of the relevant providers. Clearly indicate that you will move and provide your new address. Ask questions about the procedure and the required documents to ensure the move goes smoothly. As you can see, you have to arrange a lot when moving. 

3. Report the move

Report your move to the parties involved as soon as possible. This applies to energy suppliers, insurers, internet and TV providers, telephone and mobile providers, but also to subscriptions to magazines or newspapers, for example. Make sure that you clearly communicate the desired end date of the subscriptions.

4. Canceling subscriptions when moving

With some subscriptions it is possible to cancel prematurely in the event of a move. This may, for example, apply to an internet subscription that is not available at your new address. If you know which provider you have, you can check whether the subscription can be canceled. Check the conditions in your contract and ask customer service about the options for prematurely terminating your subscription. Please note that fees may apply. There is a lot to consider when moving. Even when you start living together.

Tips for a smooth move

There is a lot to consider when moving, but with the right preparation you can make the process run smoothly. Here are some helpful tips:

1. Make a moving checklist

Create a detailed checklist of all the tasks you need to complete before, during and after the move. This will help you not miss anything and stay organized. What should you pay attention to? We have a handy one for this moving checklist put together so that you can move into your new home without any problems. 

2. Plan in time

Start planning your move well in advance and don't wait until the day of the move. This gives you enough time to complete all necessary steps and avoid any surprises. This way you can move easily and without problems. 

3. Compare providers

When arranging new subscriptions and services for your new home, it is wise to compare different providers. This is how you can find best deals and possibly save on your fixed costs. This is the fastest way and you can switch immediately if possible. 

4. Don't forget the change of address

It's timely reporting your change of address to all relevant parties is essential. This prevents important mail from ending up at your old address and prevents you from missing important information. You must indicate your moving date, so make sure you arrange this on time.

5. Take your subscriptions with you to your new home

If you are happy with certain subscriptions, such as internet and TV services, you can choose to take them with you to your new home. Contact your provider to discuss the options and arrange the transfer of your subscription. Sometimes you cannot simply cancel and this is certainly something you should take into account. In this case, for example, you may have to move an internet subscription to your new address, while it might be cheaper elsewhere. So proper arrangement is very important in this case! 


When moving, it is important to pay attention to canceling subscriptions and arranging essential services. Using the practical checklist and tips in this article, you can make this process smooth and efficient. Remember to start on time and take the necessary steps to avoid surprises and additional costs. By canceling or transferring your subscriptions and services correctly, you can enjoy your new home with peace of mind. Do you want to know where it is cheapest? Then use our free comparator on our website. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I move my energy contract to my new home?

To transfer your energy contract, contact your current energy supplier. Report your move and discuss the options for transferring your contract to your new address. Of course, you want to use electricity and gas immediately.

Can I keep my internet subscription when I move?

This depends on the availability of your current provider at your new address. Contact your provider to see if they can provide services at your new location. If this is not the case, you will need to switch to a new provider.

Do I have to adjust my insurance when moving?

Yes, it is important to inform your insurers of your move. Adjust your home contents and buildings insurance to your new situation to ensure that you are sufficiently covered.

How can I report my change of address to the municipality?

You can report your change of address to the municipality via the online counter on the website of your new municipality. You can also arrange other matters here, such as requesting a new ID.

What should I do with my telephone and mobile subscriptions when I move?

Contact your phone and mobile providers to notify them of your move. They will inform you about the options to adjust your subscriptions to your new address. Also consider comparing other providers to potentially get a better deal.

Please note: The information provided in this article is of a general nature. These are tips for moving. It is advisable to contact the specific providers and agencies for detailed instructions and conditions regarding canceling subscriptions and arranging services in the event of a move.