moving washing machine; that's how you do that!

Have you moved before and do you have the necessary experience with this? Then you probably already know that moving a washing machine can be a very difficult task.

Moving a washing machine requires the right knowledge

A washing machine is a sensitive device and this is the main reason why most moving Dutch people choose to outsource washing machine transport to a professional moving company.

The experienced movers know exactly how to move a washing machine so that you can still enjoy the washing machine later. At least, from the clean clothes that come out of course! When you move the have the washing machine transported Thanks to professional gentlemen, you don't have to worry about anything. Very nice, right?

Moving the washing machine preparation

Really preparing the washing machine for a move means that you have to prepare it well. This means that you still have to do a lot before the washing machine can be moved! The first step is that you first have to make sure that the washing machine is empty and clean.

Take a good look inside and take out any stray socks and underwear. You might even come across one half of your favorite pair of socks! Nice to have, isn't it?

Then you need to check whether all the water is out. There is a good chance that this is not the case and that there is still water in the pipes and / or washing machine. If you still have some time, you can also try to let the washing machine and the pipes in a washing machine dry for about 24 hours.

Moving washing machine step-by-step plan

Let's start with a fun fact... a washing machine weighs on average between 70 and 85 kilograms! Did you already know this? This is actually extremely heavy for a device. There is of course a lot of equipment in a washing machine, so it can be guessed that it is so heavy.

So you can say that washing machines are not only big, but also very heavy. Holding a washing machine yourself and moving is therefore actually impossible. A washing machine must also be transported upright and therefore several people will always be needed to move the device in the right way.

A professional moving company The washing machine will therefore always be moved with at least 2 to 3 movers.

Step 1. Properly disconnect the washing machine (unscrew the hose)

Drying your washing machine means turning the tap. Always turn the tap in the right direction. Yes, this sounds very logical, but during such a chaotic period this can all be quite confusing. After you have closed the water tap properly, you can neatly disconnect the hose.

It may be that it is firmly attached and in this case you can also use handy tools such as pliers. Have you finally released the hose? Then let the hose drain well and when it has dried completely you can attach it to your washing machine with tape.

This way you cannot lose the hose during a move. After all, you don't want to be without a water hose in your new home.

Step 3. Pay particular attention to your back when lifting

Ergonomic lifting is very important when moving a washing machine. Tilt the washing machine together on its side and do this with the door opening upwards. Then a person grabs the top at the back of the upland. This way the washing machine remains balanced and the other person can grab the bottom of the washing machine.

Step 4. Does the top of the washing machine need to be removed?

Many people wonder if the top of a washing machine should be removed for the move. This is possible. You can unscrew the top of the washing machine and fill the open space with towels and/or pillows. This is safe for the washing machine and in this way the movers can easily move the washing machine.

Step 5. Protect the washing machine when moving

When moving a washing machine, securing the drum is very important. This must not be able to move during the move, otherwise it could be damaged. You can purchase special brackets or pins for this. Maybe you still have the one from the washing machine itself. This way you can fix the drum stably.

It may of course happen that the washing machine has to be tilted slightly in order to be able to move it. There is often no alternative solution for this. In this case, it is very important to properly pack the washing machine. You can use moving blankets, but also old towels, for example.

Step 6. Lighten the washing machine

Every washing machine has concrete weights on the top or bottom. You can remove this before moving so that it will save a lot of weight when lifting. This way you can move the washing machine without breaking your back! Of course, a correct posture is also necessary. So pay attention to this too!

Step 7. Transporting the washing machine.

As you have read before, moving a washing machine means that the washing machine must be transported upright. This way there is the least chance of damage to both the outside and inside. You can think of the drum and pipes.

Step 8. Transport the washing machine upright

You may have seen people transporting a washing machine on its side before and we can tell you that this is not a good idea because it will cause damage in 9 out of 10 cases.

Maybe not on the outside, but certainly on the inside. We can't emphasize it often enough... a washing machine is best transported upright. In this way, moving a washing machine is easier and safer. Also make sure that the washing machine is properly secured in the moving van. Professional movers always use lashing straps for this.

Step 9. Unload

When the washing machine has arrived at its destination, you can unload it just as you loaded it. Lift the washing machine as explained earlier and place it in the new home!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why secure the washing machine drum?

Securing the drum is very important as it must not move during transport. If the drum can move, there is a risk of damage.

How much does moving a washing machine cost?

Moving companies charge on average between €120 and €190 for moving a washing machine.

How heavy does an average washing machine weigh?

A washing machine weighs between 70 and 85 kilograms. This of course differs per brand and type.

How to move washing machine stairs?

On the stairs, the bottom person must lift the heaviest and the top person must ensure that the washing machine remains balanced. Be both careful with bends and turning the device.

Who will collect my old washing machine?

If your old washing machine is still working fine, you can sell it on Marktplaats. You can also have the thrift store collect the device free of charge. Do you want to throw away the washing machine? Then you need to make an appointment with the municipality for bulky waste.