Moving quote: the ultimate guide

Are you going to move? Then a lot comes your way. Arranging a move can be a stressful time. You have to think about many things, such as packing your furniture, transporting your belongings and disassembling and reassembling certain parts. Fortunately, you don't have to do all of this yourself. Hiring a professional moving company can save you a lot of time, effort and stress. But how do you find the right moving company that meets all your wishes and needs? The answer is simple: request a moving quote from Moving, the specialist in carefree removals. 

A carefree move 

At Moving we understand that when you move you will need to keep your valuables and belongings moving boxes want to have it transported with care to the correct address. That is why we only work with the best (certified) movers who have the right knowledge, experience and craftsmanship. Our movers treat your furniture and belongings as if they were their own. It doesn't matter what items these are. With an eye for detail and precision, they ensure a carefree move, from packing and transport to packing and unpacking at the new address. Do you want moving cheaply? Then it is best to request a moving quote. At Moving this is completely free and without obligation. 

Request moving quotes: quick and easy

At Moving we make requests moving quotes quickly and easily. After all, you don't want to spend hours online filling out forms. By completing a simple request form on our website you can request a quote within a few minutes. We ask you for some information about your move, such as the number of rooms, the distance between the old and new location and any specific wishes. Based on your information, the best movers in your region will prepare a tailor-made quote for you. This is Moving's moving service.

Get multiple quotes from moving companies in your area

Are you moving soon? Then requesting multiple moving quotes is a smart move. Through quotes from different Compare moving companies, you get a good idea of the possibilities and price differences. The average costs depend on various factors. At Moving we work with a network of recognized moving companies in your region. This allows us to offer you multiple quotes in a short time and allows moving companies to make an accurate estimate of the costs. This way you can compare the services and rates of different moving companies and make the best choice for your move. 

The right moving quote: what should you pay attention to?

When comparing moving quotes, it is important to pay attention to a number of things. First of all, you should check whether the moving company has a quality mark, such as the quality mark of a trade association. This indicates that the moving company meets certain quality requirements and that you can count on professional service. It is also important to read the terms and conditions carefully. Insurance is something to keep in mind. Moving company A has different conditions and rules than, for example, moving company B. A good moving company has good prices, rules and conditions. In addition, it is wise to take a good look at the estimated total price and any additional costs, such as call-out costs. This way you will not be faced with surprises during the move. And that way you know for sure what to expect.

Carefree moving with Moving: from application to moving day

At Moving, we ensure that requesting a moving quote is just the beginning of a careful moving service. Once you have requested the quotes, we will contact you to discuss the details of your move. We listen to your wishes and ensure that all data, such as your personal data, is correct. We then select the suitable moving companies from our network and send you the quotes. This way you quickly and easily have an overview of the costs and options. You assign the removal order yourself. Have you received the moving quotes from every moving company? Are you done comparing these with each other and do you eventually want to carry out the move yourself? Then this is of course possible. You are not stuck with anything!

The moving day

You are done comparing moving quotes and now you know exactly which moving company you are going to work with. The moving company will be there for you on the moving day itself. They come with a moving van and, if necessary, a moving lift to safely transport your furniture and belongings. The movers work carefully and ensure that everything runs smoothly. They dismantle furniture if necessary, pack it carefully and assemble it again at the new address. This way you don't have to worry about anything and you can focus on furnishing your new home.


Moving can be a stressful period, but with the help of a professional moving company you can make your move worry-free. By requesting moving quotes from Moving you will quickly and easily receive multiple quotes from moving companies in your region. By comparing all quotes and looking carefully at the components of a moving quote and paying attention to important matters, you can make the right choice for your move. From the application until the moving day, Moving is there for you to ensure that your move goes smoothly. Request a quote immediately to be sent the costs of a move. Applying for one The quote is completely free at Moving.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I also just request a quote without further obligations?

Yes, requesting a moving quote from Moving is completely without obligation. You can view the quotes at your leisure and decide whether you want to use the services of a moving company. Because a move involves a lot of work, we just want to make it easier for you. So just requesting the quote is completely free and without obligation. Do you eventually accept one of the moving company's moving services after you have read and signed the quote? Only then are you obliged to purchase their services. 

At Moving we understand that a carefree move is essential for you. That is why we offer a comprehensive moving service, from requesting moving quotes to the moving day itself. Trust the professional movers and make use of our experience and expertise. Your move is our concern! We can therefore certainly help you with the amount of work that you already have to do for the move. We are simply happy to help. 

2. How long does it take to receive the moving quotes?

Your quote will be forwarded directly to the 6 best moving companies in your region. You will receive the quote from the moving company within 24 hours or a maximum of a few days after you have submitted the application. We strive to serve you as quickly as possible. Your quote will be in your mailbox before you know it.

Do I have to dismantle and pack my furniture myself?

No, at Moving we take all the work off your hands. Our recognized movers take care of the dismantling, packing, transport and assembly of your furniture. So you can lean back with peace of mind. What you have to pay attention to in this case is of course that you don't damage anything. Do you have no experience with (dis)assembling? Then it is of course best to outsource this. 

What if something gets damaged during the move?

Every moving company works extremely carefully to prevent damage. In the unlikely event that something is damaged, you can often count on insurance. The moving company will ensure that any damage is dealt with quickly and adequately. Is there damage? Contact the moving company so that they can help you further. 

How can I contact Moving for further questions?

You can easily contact us via our contact form on the website. Our friendly employees are ready to answer all your questions and help you with your move. Of course you don't want to spend hours online looking for quotes while you still have a lot of questions. We're happy to help.