Moving during pregnancy: moving comfortably

Being pregnant and moving house is actually not a convenient combination, but sometimes it is unfortunately unavoidable due to a certain situation. Moving during your pregnancy is actually also possible, but it certainly requires a different planning.

Moving if you are just pregnant

The degree of difficulty of moving pregnant also has to do with how far along you are. Are you still at the beginning of your pregnancy and are you only a few months pregnant? Then packing a few boxes will be easier for you than when you are in the last trimester of your pregnancy, for example.

What can you do if you are pregnant

You probably wanted to avoid moving during your pregnancy, but unfortunately you didn't succeed. During your pregnancy, you may have finally found your dream house, so you really have to move now. In the story below we try to assist you with as many good tips as possible. So read on quickly.

What you absolutely must not do when you move

It doesn't really matter what stage of your pregnancy you are at, but lifting heavy stuff is really one of the big 'don'ts pregnant'. Yes, we know.. you just really want to help with the move, but it's best to leave the heavy lifting to others.

Prioritize and leave the heavy ones moving boxes to stand. Boxes full of stuff can quickly become very heavy and a few kilos can be too much during pregnancy. You have to take all this into account.

Moving during your pregnancy

During pregnancy you often get 'burdened' with nesting urges in the third trimester. During this period, a pregnant woman has a natural urge to create a hygienic, clean and orderly environment for the baby.

So if you move during the last trimester and can't do anything, this obviously goes against your natural nesting urge.

Pack a box

When you are faced with a huge mountain of moving boxes in the second trimester, you can pack them calmly without having to vomit or your big belly getting in the way. In this story we would like to share a few useful tips and practical tips with you so that you can make the move during pregnancy go smoothly. This is of course so nice.

Take breaks

Especially at such a late stage of your stage it can all become very heavy and it is important that you take enough rest breaks. You are not only very tired during pregnancy, but also more forgetful, for example, so it is wise to take this into account.

DIY, lifting heavy things and sanding off old layers of paint

Of course, a move is not just about moving stuff. A move is always about much more than just moving stuff. There are hundreds of other practical things to do. Think of various chores in the home and, for example, sanding off old layers of paint. But don't do this!

Harmful substances

Lifting heavier objects during pregnancy is not a good idea, but working with chemicals is also not a good idea. Think of cleaning agents or chemical substances on a turpentine basis, for example. The chemical fumes can be extremely harmful to you and the baby, so it's really better to leave the chores to others.

When to move during pregnancy?

Do you really have to move during pregnancy? Then doctors and midwives often recommend planning the move especially in the second trimester.

In the second trimester you are rid of the pregnancy ailments that you suffered from in the first trimester. Think of nausea or fatigue. You also have a big belly in the second trimester as you will soon have in the third trimester.

It is indeed very difficult

Suppressing your nesting urge completely during the move is very difficult, but you have to deal with this wisely. Perhaps by prioritizing you can keep yourself busy with other things.

Setting priorities is very important in this situation. Maybe you can already decorate the baby's room? Have you washed all baby clothes up to about the third month and put them in the closet? Have you packed the bag for the hospital?

These kinds of priorities and especially the nursery are of course very important during a move. This way you can also move from the old house to the new house with peace of mind.

Above all, listen to your body

The whole operation of a move may have taken longer than expected. This happens more often because things always happen that you didn't count on before. For example, maybe the nursery is not yet finished or there is something wrong with the new bathroom.

Moving during your pregnancy means above all that you have to listen to your own body. When you listen to your body you prevent yourself from feeling bad or needy. Of course you don't want to feel sick in your new home.

Keep yourself busy

You have a belly that gets in the way, you are not allowed to lift and everything makes you tired. It's annoying, but of course this doesn't mean that you don't have to do anything during the move.

Moving also involves a lot of administrative work that you can deal with. This just happens to be perfect for you. Consider this for example report changes of address or conclude TV contracts.

The moving day

On the moving day itself, you can also ensure that everyone does their job properly. If you can delegate everything neatly, you ensure that everyone knows what to do. Maybe you can also get the food and coffee for the movers to nurse.

This is of course an indispensable task on moving day. This way you help everyone during the move, but you do not do any physical work while you are still moving to your new place of residence.

Moving after birth

Do you still have time to move? Then maybe you can put all the stuff in a full box and put it away. Figuratively speaking then, because it might be better to wait until after the move to move because you will have much less stress and can do much more yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't you bend over when you're pregnant?

Your abdominal muscles are stretched during pregnancy, so that the muscles are less strong and your back carries more weight. This can increase back pain when you start lifting heavy things.

How many kilos can you carry when you are pregnant?

From week 20, as a pregnant woman, you are not allowed to lift anything more than 10 times a day, with a maximum of 5 kilos at a time. From the 30th week it becomes 5 times a day.

What movements should you not make when you are pregnant?

Avoid jumping and/or jerking movements during pregnancy. Rotations are also discouraged.

What should you arrange if you are just pregnant?

Your midwife can help you with everything! Even with information about what you can and cannot do during the move.

Can you lie on your stomach when you are pregnant?

You can certainly lie on your stomach when you are pregnant and this is not dangerous, but whether it is nice..