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“Fast service, friendly staff and good value for money. And handle personal property well and carefully. My move went quickly and smoothly, and I received a call afterwards to see if everything went well.”

– Milan van Leeuwen

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Moving companies in Delft

Are you moving and are you looking for a moving company in Delft? Then you can use Moving It is now very easy to find the cheapest moving service at the best moving company in Delft. We like to help people with their relocations.

Move cheaply with the help of Moving

You are moving to a new home and you naturally want it to be a smooth move. With a moving company Delft you can now move carefree to your new address in the beautiful student city of Delft.

However, looking for the right moving company in Delft is a lot of work, but as you have read before, with Moving it is now very easy to find a (recognised) moving company in Delft.

You are moving

Are you moving in the Delft region? Then you can also opt for student movers. These are professional movers who work at very cheap rates. Professional moving companies train the students well and can therefore use them cheaply. This even makes it possible cheapest moving company helping you with large and small relocations.

When you purchase a somewhat cheaper service from moving companies, you can also be sure that they will move your belongings safely. After all, students will simply move all your stuff, whether it's large stuff or heavy stuff, neatly and in the right way.

A private move

A Moving is not just about reporting a move to the municipality, but it is also important to know which company has years of experience and can best help you with your entire move. After all, preparing yourself well is half the battle, right? Especially with regard to relocations.

Therefore, always look closely at moving companies that can ensure that your move goes smoothly. Movers always want your move to go smoothly and it does not matter whether it concerns private or business removals.

Professional movers

A Delft moving company knows exactly how to handle your move. It does not matter to experienced movers whether it is a business relocation, international move or, for example, a senior move. These moves differ considerably from each other, but with good preparation, a cheap moving company Delft can help you with this.

Moving services for more convenience

Every moving company Delft offers both private and business customers moving services. In this way, a removal company Delft can carry out the move in Delft quickly and safely. But what are these extra moving services? We are happy to explain this to you.

Rent a moving lift from a moving company in Delft

In addition to a moving van, a rent a moving lift are also necessary during the move. We often think that a removal lift is only necessary when someone lives on a higher floor, but this is not entirely correct. For example, it may also be the case that the doorposts in your old house or perhaps in your new home are too narrow. In this case too, the furniture must be able to be moved efficiently with a removal lift.

Move safely

It often happens that a lift is not necessarily necessary during a move, but that the customer or mover would like it. A lift is not only better for the back of the mover, but in this way your household effects can also be moved faster and safer.

Do you need advice about moving lifts? Then contact the moving company because you will receive an answer immediately!


Moving vans are not the only thing that may be needed during a move in Delft. For example, sometimes (temporary) storage is also necessary. This option is particularly popular for company relocations. Fortunately, a Delft removal company can help you with this.

You will be assisted professionally

When you opt for storage space with a professional moving company, you no longer have to do anything yourself. With this moving service, all the movers will pick up all your belongings or other items and drive them to storage.

When you need the things again, you can make an appointment for this so that the movers can deliver all your belongings to you neatly. This is also neatly arranged for a company relocation.

Packing and unpacking

Don't you feel like packing everything in your old home so that it can be transported to your new home? Then you are probably happy to hear that there is also a relocation service that you can use as a customer. Who says moving is hard?

If you choose this moving service, the movers will come by the day before to pack everything neatly.

Also unpack?

Perhaps it is also good to know that you can not only use the packing service, but that you can also have the movers unpack everything. In this case, they will usually also ensure that everything is neatly placed in the right place. This way you can tell everyone later how easy your move went!

The handyman

Move cheaply and easy to move? This is now possible very easily with the handyman moving service. Moving not only means moving everything from A to B, but this also means that jobs have to be carried out. The type of move does not matter because jobs are part of a move.

More than just moving boxes

When you move in Delft and the surrounding area, the current home usually has to be delivered broom clean. This means bald and therefore in original condition.

There are also often electrical appliances that need to be connected or disconnected and the handyman can also help you with this. The handyman is also happy to help companies in Delft that are moving. In this way, everyone in Delft can move very satisfied.

House clearances

In Delft, movers can not only move cheaply, but they can also help you with evictions. It sometimes happens in Delft that people have to leave their home. Why this is so depends of course on certain circumstances. Sometimes someone moves to another municipality and does not want to move with them, but someone can also be evicted from their home.

In Delft and beyond, the movers can help you with this difficult task. In this case, the house in Delft will be emptied and delivered broom clean.

Furniture transport

When you buy something online, it is not always delivered to your home as standard. For example, consider purchases on Marktplaats. In this case, you naturally want the products you just purchased to be transported professionally so that they can be neatly delivered to you in Delft. Fortunately, in this case you can choose furniture transport.

Are you going to move, but are you carrying out the move yourself? Then there may be a number of objects that you cannot move yourself. Think for example of your large sofa, antique cupboard or maybe even a piano. You could also opt for the moving service of furniture transport in Delft for these objects.

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