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Moving service: how to pick the right one?

moving service how to pick

Are you looking for a moving service with the best rates in the Netherlands? Look no further. On you can get a free quote from different companies from our database. We have a large network and provide you with all of the moving companies in the Netherlands. For example Amsterdam, Den Haag, Rotterdam but also other dutch cities. The only thing we want for you is to make your move easier and stress free.

Moving company

Finding the right relocation service can be time consuming. Where do you even start? On we made this journey easy. Furthermore, it can be reassurance to know that moving is a hard job for everyone. For you, but also for the moving company for example. The moving company has to organize everything and they have to carry it all out without making any mistakes. This is exactly the reason why it is so important for the companies to stay in touch with you during the whole move. From start to finish.

Your first contact will usually be with the consultant. Also called the pre-move consultation. In this meeting you will discuss everything. From your belonging and wishes up until the moving costs. After all this is finalized the move will be handed over to the manager so that he can start the planning. He is the one that will put everything together but he is also the one that is your contactperson during the whole move. other

Professional movers

Every moving company in our database has the best movers to help you. They are experienced and always professional. They can help you with a stress free move by helping you with different tasks in your old and new house. These can be full moving services, but also customized services in case you have a budget.

Examples of services you can book are:

  • They will always have the best equipment when needed. They can supply you with the best packing materials such as packing paper, bubble wrap or boxes. This way you do not have to go to different stores.
  • For a fair hourly rate the professional movers can pack up all of your belongings. Packing is very time consuming and you really need to know what you are doing. This is why most clients chose the packing service. If you do not pack properly there is a big chance that some of the items will break or will be damaged during transportation.
  • The movers are also trained to unpack your belongings. If you want they can unpack everything in your new house.
  • The (un)loading off the truck. It is important to know how to load the truck with the moving boxes and other items. When you do not do this the correct way items can be damaged during transportation.

Professional moving materials

A professional moving company does not only have the best employees but they are also always equipped with the best professional moving materials. For example, furniture rollers are needed for moving furniture or other heavy items, good quality moving blankets to protect all of your furniture and straps. These materials are included in the service of the moving company so you do not have to pay for them yourself.

The costs of moving services

The price of a move depends mostly on your personal wishes. If you book a full service move the price will of course be higher than when you customize the move and only book for (un)loading the truck service. Some companies even provide you with the option of picking student movers who work with a lower hourly rate.

Do you also need a removal service?

Are you also looking for a removal service? Then you are at the right place. Most of the moving companies in out database do not only have a moving service but also work with removals. Even international removals are no problem! These services are available 7 days a week.

A free quote from

You do not only want to hire a moving company with the best moving service but you of course also want a cheap service. Nobody wants to pay too much right? This is why it is important to make a cost comparison between different movers.

This does not have to be time consuming anymore because we have made it easy for you. The only thing you have to do is to fill in the request form on the website. After you will receive a free quote from five different moving companies. Sometimes even the same day!

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