Homesick after moving? You can do this

One person becomes very happy with changes while the other person may find it terrible! This is of course normal, because everyone is different and therefore everyone reacts differently to changes.

For some people, moving can even be so terrible that they can suffer from physical complaints. This is due to too much stress that manifests itself in this way. You are stressed about the situation and your body must be able to get rid of this somehow. This is never fun and it is best to try to avoid this. Unfortunately this doesn't always work, but it can't hurt to try, right?

A drastic change

In the end, a move is of course just moving your stuff from one place to another. You will get new neighbors and you as a person will also move. Getting used to the new living environment is something you have to go through and not your stuff. Different sounds, other people and all the mess of the move... it all takes some getting used to.

It is also simply a big change and yes, it can happen that you will miss your familiar neighborhood or old house. Some people only realize all this after moving and this can be extra difficult in this case.

You leave your familiar environment

Homesickness after moving often also brings with it a feeling of guilt or shame. At Moving we want to make one thing clear to you and that is that homesickness is nothing to be ashamed of! It's even completely normal. So, if you are bothered by this, you should quickly forget about this because it will all work out really well. Promised.

Okay, to continue the story... leaving your old environment can just be very difficult. Let's be honest about that. This homesickness process after a move is sometimes even compared to a kind of grieving process. This is how drastic this can be for some people. Getting used to and making new friends will all take some time and that's why you need to give yourself enough time!

Changing house is not only moving back and forth, but it is also something you physically experience. You're the one moving! The good news is that if you prepare yourself well for this, you can sometimes reduce the complaints of homesickness.

Process this major event well

As you have read before, a move can be quite drastic and therefore homesickness is also a very normal phenomenon. Yes, one suffers more from this than the other, but that doesn't make something like this any less intense, of course.

Homesickness is a form of grief that requires proper guidance. Perhaps getting extra support from family and friends during this time would help immensely. Homesickness is because you have to let go of something that felt familiar and that hurts. That is why people sometimes compare it to a period of mourning.

Moving after a move?

For some people, getting used to the new home can be so difficult that it just doesn't work out. Sometimes a new house like this still doesn't feel familiar after a year. What are you doing then? Of course, talking about your fear is the best thing you can do. Perhaps you can go to your environment for this, such as family or friends, but you can of course always call in professional help for this.

You don't expect it, but homesickness can be extremely intense for some people and if you are one of the unlucky ones then you know exactly that talking about your problems can provide some relief. It will of course not immediately solve all problems, but a little support and guidance during such a difficult period in your life is always nice.

Moving back to the old house

Some people even find it all so difficult that they will never get used to it and therefore decide to move to the old house as soon as possible. This is of course not the intention and it is best to give yourself a little more time instead of planning a move back to the old neighborhood.

This will only exacerbate your feelings of sadness and other unpleasant emotions. It may take half a year, but it may also take a year. Take a good look at reality, what you need yourself and don't look at what most people think of the situation.

Feeling at home after a move

We have now talked about moving to a new house with new neighbors and the feelings that this can bring. We have also discussed the tips that can help you with your homesickness, but you could actually also work on preventing homesickness before moving. Unfortunately, it can't always be completely prevented for some, but little bits help, right?

Every move is different

The reasons for moving vary widely. That is why every move is completely different and that the feelings with every move are also different.

One move brings more stress and less fun feelings, while the other move is very nice and brings all positive feelings. Unfortunately, you don't get to choose and it all just happens to you.

Prepare well for your move

When you have the chance to arrange your move properly and on time, it is important to do this in a good way. When you start arranging your affairs on time, this will save you a lot of stress and chaos. These are often also the situations in which feelings of homesickness can arise. Then you tend even more back to your old and nice life without any obstacles. Use an extended moving list, this can save a lot of headaches.

If possible: start on time

Make sure you cancel the house on time. Look at subscriptions such as your internet connection or fitness, but forget gas, water and electricity not here. Do you have an owner-occupied home? Then make sure that you can sell the house on time together with a real estate agent. Then a great burden is guaranteed to fall off your shoulders. This way you will also suffer less from stress.

Furthermore, you naturally want the home you are moving to will move is already completely finished, but unfortunately this is not always the case. Is the house not finished yet? Then it is important that you find accommodation in time. This can be with family and friends, but it can also be a temporary rental home. Look at what you find easiest and most pleasant.

In this way you are in a somewhat nicer situation than that the house is not yet ready and you have nowhere else to go. Of course you want to prevent this at all times.

Tips to prevent homesickness after moving

The feeling of uncertainty that comes with homesickness is not fun. Anyone who has ever had to deal with this knows this. However, fantasizing about the past, the old city or street where you lived does not happen consciously and you often do not expressly do this at all. But when you catch yourself doing this, you may be able to accept the situation and distract yourself. To distract? Now you might think… yes! Any distraction can help you very well.

Tip1. Distract yourself with pleasure

So when you catch yourself you can do something fun. After all, you don't want your feelings to get worse. The best thing to do here is to do something that will divert your attention. Think of a crossword puzzle, book or sports. Various sports are known to help you control your thoughts. This can often give you a small sense of hope. Remember it all takes time!

Tip 2. Plan activities

You may be able to do activities such as sports with other members of the family. This way you not only have a lot of fun performing these fun things, but you also get to know the new environment better and it is also a good way to get to know new people in your new place of residence.

After all, a familiar environment is something that quickly makes you feel at home and when you feel at home there will be sunshine again!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does homesickness last after moving?

This of course depends on the person. One adapts faster than the other. So one person can suffer from homesickness for months while the other is okay again after a few weeks.

How long does it take to get used to a new house?

This is entirely up to you. You know yourself best and will therefore know best whether you get used to new environments quickly or slowly.

What should you do if you don't feel at home?

Talk a lot about your feelings. You may have close friends or even a confidant you can turn to. Are you still not sure? Then you can also discuss with the doctor whether you could possibly visit a psychologist.

Can you get homesick?

Homesickness is not an official mental disorder, but anyone who has ever suffered from it knows how annoying the consequences of homesickness can be. Think of lethargy, bad night's sleep and sometimes even fears.

Can't sleep in new house?

Many people suffer from this. This is actually quite normal, because your body naturally has to get used to the new environment. Give it time and after about a week you will have to get used to it and therefore sleep better.