What to arrange when moving house?

Are you going to move? Move with a moving plan or also called a moving checklist! Planning your move is very important and using such a handy list will save you a lot of stress.

What should you pay attention to

You preparing for relocation is very important. Moving is not just about packing things and moving to the new home. Whether you move to a new municipality within the Netherlands will move or whether you are going abroad... it is important not only to arrange the practical matters well. Consider your tax status and your tax affairs or your new address report to the municipality and various agencies. It is also important to cancel the contracts for your old home in time so that you can conclude new contracts for the new home.

Arrange practical matters relocation

Have you received the new keys to your new house yet? Then you're probably eager to move! Maybe you already have a professional here moving company hired and your moving day has already been fixed. This is all fantastic, of course, but it is also important not to forget to report your change of address or move to the municipality.

Plan your move with a checklist

When you are going to leave the old house, this means that you have to arrange a lot. Some things you have been able to read before, but those were not the only things. For example, have you already thought about a new school, new doctor, dentist or energy contract?

There is still so much to arrange for the new house in the new neighborhood that this can all become quite confusing. That's why it might be worth considering putting together a checklist for yourself. Moving with a moving checklist are often less chaotic because you can go through everything step by step. This way you know exactly what you have already done, need to do and no longer need to do!

As you have read before, we would like to help you put together the ultimate one checklist for your move. Of course, everyone has their own things that need to be arranged, but perhaps this checklist can help you a bit in creating your personal checklist.

Step 1. Reporting your move

When you move within the current municipality, you only have to report a change of address, but when you move to a new municipality, you must declare your move and register yourself as a new resident. You will also receive proof of this before your move.

You must notify us of your move within 4 weeks before your move. You can also report your move no later than 5 days after the moving day.

Step 2. Pack your things

Managing a move in the right direction can be quite difficult. You already have a lot of stress and you have to take all kinds of things into account. And that is precisely why it is so important that you start packing your belongings and other items on time.

When packing, take a good look at your entire household effects, because does it actually fit in your new home or do you need (temporary) storage so that you can store the things? If you need (temporary) storage, you can easily arrange this with a moving company because they all often have their own professional storage space that you can use for a fee. You don't use a lot of old stuff anymore..

Of course, you probably have no experience at all mover and you probably don't want to take too many days off for the move, so it might be wise to ask those around you for help. For example, ask friends, family or acquaintances for help. They are often eager to help you clear out your old home. This way you get all the help you need. When cleaning up, make sure you don't forget anything.

Step 3. Valuables

Do you have any valuables that you no longer want and therefore do not want to move? Then you might be able to give it to friends, family or acquaintances. These are often happy to take over some objects from you.

Have you ordered new furniture for the new home and do you want to get rid of all the furniture in your old home? Then you can of course always place it with the bulky waste. Make sure that you make an appointment for this with the municipality in time so that the municipal cleaning service can collect everything on time.

It is of course a shame to just throw away furniture that is still usable. That is why you can also choose to make other people happy with it. This way you make people happy and your household goods also get a second life, which is also very good for the environment. Don't have time to take the things away yourself? Then you can make an appointment for this at the local thrift store. They often pick up the stuff quickly and for free.

Would you rather earn some pocket money? Then you can of course always place your household effects on Marktplaats. Many people love second-hand items and who knows, you might have sold everything in no time!

Step 4. The moving day itself

During a move it can sometimes happen that some items get lost. That is why it is wise to keep all important papers and documents with you on the moving day. Maybe you can do small for this moving boxes set aside that also contains other final items. Do you still have to dismantle furniture? Then it is wise to do this the evening before so that you can prepare everything for the movers on the moving day itself.

Furthermore, always make sure that you have enough food and drink on the moving day itself so that no one runs out of energy!

Have all moving boxes and belongings been loaded and is the moving van gone? Then you will have completed most of the move and you can now fully focus on the new home.

Step 5. Check the old home

When the old house is empty after the move, it is wise to walk through the house. This way you can check the house. Did you forget anything? Is the house completely empty and have you cleaned everything? Think of a cloth over fixed lamps, sweeping the floor and cleaning the kitchen and toilets. These tasks are especially important when the house has to be delivered broom clean.

As long-time residents, it is also important to check whether the house is properly locked after moving. Therefore, always check that all windows and doors are closed so that no uninvited guests can enter the house. Yes, you no longer live in the house, but it is still nice to the landlord or real estate agent and this saves them work.

Step 6. Are you finally the new residents?

Is the move from the old house finally over and are you finally the new residents of a new house? Then you can finally start relaxing! Or at least .. you must of course first decorate the house and start hanging the curtains of course.

You may also want to get to know the new neighbors so that you can complete the move properly and you can start a new adventure in the new house with peace of mind.

Are you going to carry out the move yourself? Then this is of course possible. You may feel that moving is easier or cheaper for you, but it is important not to underestimate the move. Carrying out a move is more difficult than you think and then we are not only talking about the physical part of moving, but also about the mental part.

Because a move can be so difficult and chaotic, it is important to first think carefully about whether you really want to carry out the move from the old address to the new house yourself. For example, have you already thought about a possible parking permit? About the renting a moving van, moving lift or a handyman? Do you actually have the time to move yourself?

Step 7. We move together – professional moving companies

You can also move to your new home with a professional mover. There are plenty of moving companies in the Netherlands willing to help you move to your new home. Professional movers always make relocations a lot easier and they always ensure that the move runs smoothly at all times. Who doesn't want this?

Move with a professional moving company and the mover will take care of everything for you. This means that you don't have to worry about anything anymore. The movers will take care of everything on the moving day and you don't have to do anything anymore.

Moving costs

Of course, moves always differ from each other and it is therefore impossible to estimate the average costs of a move without any background information. For this, companies simply need a little more information and that is why it is best to get an exact price indication moving quotes to request.

Request free quotes from Moving

When you move, you naturally want it best moving company choose the best deals and that is why you can now request different quotes for free at Moving so that you can compare moving companies.

For this you only need to submit one application form on which your telephone number and e-mail address are stated. We will send this request directly to the 6 best moving companies in your region so that they can contact you within 24 hours at the telephone number or e-mail you provided. After you have received all the free quotes, you can compare them with each other and choose the moving company that suits you best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which authorities should I report my move?

The municipality automatically passes on your move to:

The tax
Education Executive Agency (DUO)
National Road Traffic Service (RDW)
Your health insurance
Fire brigade

What happens to your energy contract when you move house?

You can move your current energy contract with you, but you can also choose to switch to a new supplier.

Can you be registered at two addresses?

No, in the Netherlands you can only be registered at one address.

Is the municipality obliged to register me?

Yes, you are also legally obliged to register with the municipality.

Who passes on meter readings when a house is sold?

You are at all times responsible for passing on the meter readings.