Report a move in Nijmegen

Moving to a new place brings excitement, but there are also practical steps to take to make your new adventure go smoothly. When you move to Nijmegen, it is essential to report your move to municipality Nijmegen. In this article we will tell you everything you need to know about reporting your move in Nijmegen, so that you can enjoy your new home without any worries.

Moving to Nijmegen

When you move within Nijmegen or move to Nijmegen, it is very important that you: to report your move to the municipality. This ensures that your new address is correctly registered in the Personal Records Database (BRP). This allows you to receive important mail and stay connected to essential services.

When do you have to report your move?

You can report your move within Nijmegen from four weeks before the moving date until five days after you have moved. It is advisable to do this as soon as possible to avoid any complications.

How can you report your move?

It Report your move to the municipality Nijmegen can be done in different ways. The easiest way is online via the municipal website. Here you can complete and send a moving form. You can also make an appointment by telephone to report your move at the counter in the town hall. In some cases you will be asked about your purchase or rental contract. So keep this at hand.

What do you need?

At the report your move you need a valid ID, such as a passport or driver's license. Make sure you have this information at hand so that processing runs smoothly.

Register with a new municipality

When you move to Nijmegen from another municipality, you must also register with the new municipality. You can arrange this at the same time as you notify us of your move. Please pay attention to the date, because you must report your move no more than 4 weeks before the move or no more than 5 days afterwards. 

Consequences of not reporting on time

Reporting your move in a timely manner is important to avoid fines. If you do not report your move within the specified period, you risk a fine that can increase.

Moving within Nijmegen

Even if you move within Nijmegen, you must report your new address to the municipality. This can be done within four weeks before your moving date and up to five days afterwards.

Change of address at authorities

In addition to the municipality, there are other authorities that must be informed of your move. This includes your health insurer, the tax authorities, your GP and dentist, and any subscriptions you have.

Useful tips when moving

We have listed a number of useful tips for your move. This way you can move smoothly around Nijmegen and live in your new home without any problems. 

Hire a professional moving company

Moving comes with a lot of stress. You make it much easier for yourself by hiring a professional moving company in Nijmegen to hire.

Start packing on time

Moving takes time, so start packing well in advance to avoid stress.

Make a checklist

Write down all the steps you need to take so you don't forget anything. You can download Moving's free checklist for this.

Inform friends and family

Let your loved ones know when you will move and what your new address will be.

Request an address check

If you continue to receive mail for previous residents, you can request an address check from the municipality.

Manage your energy and internet

Make sure you arrange your energy and internet contracts for your new home on time.


Reporting your move in Nijmegen is an important task that you should not underestimate. It affects various aspects of your life, from official documents to essential services. By reporting your move in a timely and correct manner to the municipality and other relevant authorities, you can enjoy your new home in this beautiful city with peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I do not notify the municipality of Nijmegen of my move?

If you do not report your move in time, you run the risk of fines. In addition, this can cause problems receiving important mail and continuing to use essential services.

How quickly do I have to report my move if I am moving within Nijmegen? 

You can report your move within Nijmegen from four weeks before the moving date until five days after you have moved.

Can I report my move to the municipality online? 

Yes, you can easily report your move online via the Nijmegen municipal website.

Are there authorities besides the municipality that I need to inform about my move? 

Yes, it is important to also inform other authorities, such as your GP and dentist, of your new address.

What are useful tips for a smooth move? 

Start packing on time, make a checklist, inform friends and family, request an address survey if necessary, and arrange your energy and internet contracts for your new home in a timely manner.