moving boxes; the best ones

Are you planning your move to another location or maybe even another country and are you stressing out about this? We totally understand. A move is stressful which can make everything overwhelming.

Packing supplies

One of the most important things during a move are (packing) supplies. Whatever it is you need, you'll have a whole line-up of different choices so it might be a good idea to start looking into these things. The price and quality of the tools vary so be aware.

Are you moving to a new destination and are you in a search for tips and advice? Look no further since Moving is here to help you. You can now breathe and relax because we will explain everything for you.

Different kinds of packing supplies

Moving supplies are very important when packing your belongings so make sure to always use the right appropriate packing materials. Pack all items in the right moving boxes or storage bins. When doing these keep in mind to pay attention to the weight of your items.

Packing materials

Boxes are of course, one of the most important items since you have to stack most of your belongings in them. But have you also thought about other supplies such as bubble wrap, blankets or even packing tape?

packing tape

Buying packing tape might seem like an insignificant decision but in reality it is a pretty critical element since it has the job to keep all of you stuff secure in the moving boxes. When buying the wrong packing tape it can lead to damage or even theft. There are several factors to look for when buying packing tape.

Have you decided on the grade? Now you need to consider the environment since temperature and environmental conditions such as humidity, warmth or even rain. These environmental conditions can have an impact on the quality of the seal so make sure to check this out. Also, always make sure to consider what you're exactly sealing.

Packing tape dispenser

Packing supplies are not only needed to make your move easier, but packing supplies are also needed to make your move safe. An essential item is a tape dispenser which does not only make sealing moving boxes easier, but also safer. It was invented in 1932 by an engineer and we have been using it ever since. A tape dispenser consists of a holder, a handle and a cutting blade which makes it easy to use and to secure the tape in a neat and clean way.


As we have explained before, moving supplies are very important. We also explained some of these moving supplies, but lets not forget about moving boxes! These are one of the most important moving supplies you need. Since there are different kind of cartons that you can purchase we would like to explain everything about them to you. Some might be expensive, but some are low cost.

  • Corrugated boxes
    These boxes are specifically designed for moving breakable items. They have a double-wall construction and two layers of fluting. For a safe delivery of your breakable belongings you definitely should purchase these corrugated boxes.
  • wardrobe boxes
    These boxes are specifically designed for your wardrobe. Instead of folding everything into bags or boxes you can just move the clothes from their hangers to the wardrobe box. These boxes might not be very cheap and they might cost you a bit more money, but you for sure will have the convenience to arrange all your clothes beforehand. Wardrobe boxes also include a metal bar to hang your clothing.
  • Picture boxes
    These are special skinny boxes for paintings or large pictures. If you are an art lover you might need some of these boxes.
  • Small boxes
    If you have some small object or heavy objects such as books, cans or jars we advise you to buy some small boxed since they are perfect for heavier objects. They carry them easily.
  • Large boxes
    For larger but less heavy items you could use the large moving boxes since they are perfect for pillows, bedding or even stuffed animals.
  • dishes
    A barrel box or dish barrels is one of the strongest boxes that you can find. This is also the reason that the box is often used for moving dishes.

specialty boxes

Some objects require a little extra love, care and attention. Especially, during a move. Thankfully, there are specialty moving boxes that are specifically designed to handle these object with all the care they need.

  • Bulb box
    Lamps come in different shapes and sizes which makes a lamp box very handy when moving.
  • TV box
    We are sure that you do not want to get your flat screen tv damaged during the move and that is why you might need to consider to buy a special bos that is designed to protect your tv. These also prevent them from cracks or scratches that might occur during transportation.

If you like to complete your move with more environment friendly boxes than this is the sign because there are some moving boxes that you can re-use and these are also not prone to breakage. These moving boxes are durable which makes them able to last for years and years to come. If you're not planning another move soon you can use these boxes for other things.

  • storage bins
    Storage bins are not only great or moving heavy items but you can also store items or specials belongings in the boxes in your new home.
  • crates
    After the move you can use crates to store cleaning supplies.

Moving helps you out

It can be difficult to calculate how many boxes you need for your move and that is why Moving wants to help you out. We might not be a mover but we certainly are a company that works with movers so we kind of think that we know it all.

That's why we formulated a calculator on our website. This calculator will help you calculate the amount of boxes you need for your move. This way you will never have too much or not enough moving boxes!

What type of boxes are best for moving?

The best moving boxes are corrugated boxes. These are light, but impact-resistant.

Who has the best prices for moving boxes?

The best moving boxes are corrugated boxes. These are light, but impact-resistant.

Who has the best prices for moving boxes?

The best place to buy your moving boxes is online. Websites do not only offer the best prices, but they will also deliver it to your front door. Easy peasy!

Where can I get free moving boxes near me?

You can aks family, friends or even neighbors if they have some spare boxes in their garage. Otherwise, you can always check on Marktplaats. There a lot of people that offer free second hand moving boxes for free.

What not to pack in boxes when moving?

Try not to stack cleaning detergents into boxes since this can be dangerous. Also, other chemicals such as nail polish remover or hairsprays should not be packed in boxes.

Do movers prefer boxes or bags?

Overall, most movers prefer boxes since it is safer and easier. However, clothing is preferably moved in bags.