moving billiards; the best tips

Welcome to the article on how to move a billiard table. Moving a billiard table can be challenging due to the size, weight and fragility of the furniture. In this article we discuss the steps you can take to safely and carefully move your billiard table, so that you can quickly enjoy a game of billiards in your new home. Of course you don't want to miss a bit of billiards and in most cases this is not necessary.

Preparing to move a billiard table

Before you start moving your billiard table, it is important to make the necessary preparations. First of all, you need to disassemble the billiard table. This means that you remove the top part with the sheet, straps and other loose parts. Be sure to keep the screws and other fasteners in a safe place so that you can easily find them later.

Correct tools

In addition, it is important to have the right tools and help at hand for moving your billiards. A billiard table is heavy and moving it may require a bit of billiards play. Make sure you have a hand truck and moving roller to support the weight of the table and make it easier to transport. In addition, it is advisable to have at least one person who can help you lift and maneuver the billiard table. Don't forget to store all nets and ornaments neatly so you can't lose them.

Pack well

To protect the vulnerable parts of the billiard table, you can use blankets, bubble wrap or other protective material. Carefully wrap the sheet around the table and gently tighten it using the set screws. Make sure the sheet is not damaged during the moving process. And don't forget to pack the cue and legs neatly, because a billiard table naturally consists of more than just the beautiful top! When it's time to pack the cues you can also look at the sheet. Gently pull the sheet taut with the set screws.

Moving the billiards

Now that you've made the preparations, it's time to actually move the pool table. Carefully lift the disassembled parts of the table and place them on the hand truck or moving roller. Make sure the table is securely attached before moving. It is important to maneuver carefully and slowly to prevent damage to the billiard table and its surroundings.

A billiard table is heavy

If you need to move the billiard table to a higher floor, you can do so It would be useful to have a moving lift to use. A moving lift can make the heavy task of lifting and climbing stairs easier. If you do not have a moving lift at your disposal, make sure that you lift the billiard table with caution and with enough people to avoid accidents. It is a process that must be carried out with extreme precision. Therefore, make sure that you have planned everything well in advance. Especially when it's your first time.

pay attention

When loading the billiard table into the moving van, it is important to properly protect the piece of furniture against shocks and bumps during transport. Make sure the table is stable and, if necessary, use extra protection material to prevent the table from shifting while driving.

Arrive at the new location

Upon arrival at the new location, it is time to unload and reassemble the billiard table. Make sure you proceed with care when unloading to prevent damage to the table and its surroundings. Also check that all loose parts are present before you start assembling.

Be accurate

When assembling the billiard table it is important to work accurately. Make sure the table is level and use a spirit level to check. That way you can make sure the balls roll evenly throughout the game. Tighten the sheet and straps carefully and check regularly that everything is tight.

Tips and advice for a successful billiard table move

  • If you don't have experience moving a pool table, consider professional ones movers to enable. They have the knowledge and experience to move the table safely and can save you a lot of time and effort. These specialists will arrange the lifting and transport for you.
  • Do not forget to insure the billiard table during transport. This protects you against any damage or loss of the table. So be sure to take this into account.
  • Check the playing size and frame of the billiard table before moving. Make sure everything is in good working order and repair any defects if necessary. Do not only look at the top, but also, for example, at the side.
  • Use moving equipment such as hand trucks and moving rollers to make moving the billiard table easier. This prevents excessive strain and possible injuries. It is also wise to rent a moving van with tail lift.
  • Be careful when moving the billiard table up a flight of stairs. Take the necessary precautions and make sure you have enough people to help lift.

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Moving a billiard table can be a challenging task, but with the right preparation and care, it is certainly possible. Disassembling the table, protecting the fragile parts and using the correct moving equipment are essential steps to ensure that the billiard table arrives at its new location safely and undamaged. Don't forget to reassemble and level the table before you can enjoy a game of billiards again in your new home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to dismantle my billiard table before I move it?

Yes, it is advisable to disassemble the billiard table before moving it. This makes it easier and safer to lift and transport the table. This also makes it easier to lift the table into the moving van.

Can I move my billiard table myself or do I need professional help?

Moving a billiard table can be a tough task, especially due to the weight and size of the table. It is advisable to use professional movers who have experience moving billiard tables. The moving companies that are affiliated with Moving will move you throughout the Netherlands at affordable prices! 

How can I ensure that my billiard table arrives safely at its new location?

Make sure you protect the table well with the right packaging materials and that you take care when lifting and transporting it. If possible, use moving equipment such as hand trucks and moving rollers to support the weight. Choose a professional moving company so that you no longer have to worry about anything. Movers know exactly what to do during the job.

What should I do if my billiard table gets damaged during the move?

If your billiard table gets damaged during the move, please contact the moving company or insurer to report the damage. Be sure to take photos of the damage as evidence, as some insurance companies require this. 

How long does it take on average to move a billiard table?

The length of time it takes to move a billiard table can vary depending on several factors such as the size of the table and the complexity of the move. It can take several hours to a whole day. It is advisable to plan enough time for the move so that you don't have to rush the table move. The size of a billiard table is of course large, because such a table easily weighs 250 to 300 kilos.