Renting a trailer trailer: the ultimate guide

If you are looking for a convenient and affordable way to transport goods, renting a trailer is an excellent option. Whether you have a small job or a larger transportation project, trailer rental offers a wide range of options to meet all your needs. With rental locations throughout the Netherlands and a wide range of trailers, you will certainly find the right trailer for your transport job.

Rent a trailer

Renting a trailer is simple and fast. With numerous rental locations throughout the country, there is always a location nearby. Whether you live in a busy city center or a quiet suburb, online tools can help you quickly and effortlessly find the nearest rental location. By simply entering your zip code, you will immediately see which location is most suitable for your transport needs and rental of Boedelbak®.

An extensive range of trailers

Trailer rental offers a wide range of different types of trailers. Whether you are looking for a standard open trailer, a closed version with a tarpaulin, a platform trailer or even a tipper, you can choose from various options to suit your transport requirements. This includes trailer type A, trailer type C, trailer type CH, trailer type E and trailer type EH. There are also often special trailers that you can rent.

Easy online reservations

Renting a trailer has never been easier. You can easily reserve the trailer of your choice via online reservation platforms. With a few clicks you can indicate which location you want to pick up, select the type of trailer and enter the desired rental period. This way you'll be done in no time and you can concentrate on the rest of your transport preparation. Check online for discounts so you don't miss out. Renting a trailer is very easy. Rent your trailer online and reserve it online so you can pick it up immediately.

Flexible rental periods and affordable rates for trailer rental

Trailer rental offers flexible rental periods. Whether you need a trailer for a short job, a whole day or even a full week, you can tailor the rental period to your schedule. In addition, special rates are often available, such as affordable rates for short rental periods. Also note what the 3-hour rate applies to estate trailer rental. 

Reliability and convenience with an estate trailer

Renting a trailer at a rental location near you is convenient and reliable. These locations can often be found at well-known gas stations, making pick-up and return of the trailer easy and quick. The trailers are well maintained and meet the necessary safety standards.


Renting a trailer is a smart choice for all kinds of transportation needs. With a wide range of trailers, flexible rental periods and affordable rates, you can always find the right trailer for your specific job. Visit the trailer rental website, find a rental location near you and easily reserve online. What are you waiting for? Rent your ideal trailer today and make transport easy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I rent a trailer for a short period? 

Yes, there are often flexible options for trailer rental, including short rental periods.

What type of trailers can I rent? 

Trailer rental offers various types of trailers, such as open trailers, covered wagons, platform trailers and more. To rent a trailer, you can enter your zip code so that you can find a large number of rental locations near you. This can easily be found online by location or zip code. 

How can I reserve a trailer? 

Reserving a trailer is easy and can often be done online via the trailer rental website.

Are the trailers well maintained? 

Yes, the trailers are well maintained and meet the necessary safety standards.

Where can I find the rental locations? 

Rental locations are often located at well-known gas stations and other convenient locations. Check the website for the nearest location near you. Because you can rent at various locations, renting from Boedelbak is very easy.