Transport furniture privately; never look again!

Who doesn't know it? Marketplace. You can buy beautiful new furniture there, but unfortunately you often have to pick it up yourself. Maybe that's how it is you are moving and you have chosen to carry out the move all by yourself, but you still have a number of large pieces of furniture that you need to transport.

These examples, but also other matters, often require a special moving service furniture transport is mentioned. Whatever the reason for your furniture transport, there is only one thing that is important and that is the damage-free transport of your furniture.

Oh, actually two things are important because you also want to use cheap furniture transport.

How should you transport furniture?

Nowadays, a lot of online shopping is done and buying furniture online naturally also involves delivery or collection. Moving or delivering furniture is a profession in its own right and therefore certainly requires some knowledge and experience.

Cheap furniture transport

As you have read before, moving or delivering furniture requires the necessary experience. Not only certain pieces of furniture must be transported correctly, but white goods such as refrigerators and washing machines must also be delivered without damage.

For an experienced mover, it doesn't matter whether you want to move or whether you want furniture delivered. The staff of a transport company will lift your belongings, transport them correctly, after which you will receive them without any damage.

Your belongings are in good hands with an experienced mover

You can therefore safely leave the entire process to us mover leave. A moving company is not only specialized in removals, but these companies also transport furniture on a daily basis.

Clear communication during transport

With this affordable moving service, your belongings are always in good hands, but it is important that there is clear and good communication between the mover and the customer.

Only in this way can you enjoy the best furniture transport service. The drivers will transport your furniture safely and will then deliver it neatly to your new home or, of course, just your old home.

Types of furniture transport

As you have read before, furniture transport can be done in different ways. Depending on your wishes, every company can offer you the best service and this often at very competitive prices. We are happy to discuss the various services of cheap furniture transport.

One-off transport such as Marktplaats delivery service

Have you found something on Marktplaats and would you like to have it delivered for once? Maybe that one beautiful, new couch? Then a courier can easily deliver furniture to you.

Periodic transport

Do you often order things online or do you simply need transport on a regular basis? Then there are companies that employ special couriers for this.

Transport of special objects

Do you want solid wood tables, antique cabinets or, for example, have a piano delivered? Then it is wise to choose a mover who specializes in transporting special objects.

Transport of new furniture such as IKEA delivery service

IKEA's transport service delivers your items to your home quickly and easily. The transport service can be used for online items, but also for items that you purchase in the store.

Necessary materials

To be able to transport furniture safely, not only real professionals are needed, but it is also important that professional moving materials are used. You can think of wrapping paper, moving blankets and, for example, lashing straps.

Safe transport of furniture is sometimes only possible when objects are dismantled, which is why the movers always have a toolbox with them. This way you can be assured of the best service.

What are the costs for an affordable moving service?

Moving furniture can be difficult and the level of difficulty depends on several factors. There are also other things that can influence the price. You can think of transport, the size of the moving van, whether a moving lift is needed and the number of movers that must be present to carry out everything safely.

Calculating an average price is difficult

It is therefore very difficult to find an average price online. A company can calculate the price when it has more information regarding your wishes, time and furniture.

Cheap furniture transport

We completely understand if you are looking for the cheapest moving service. Nowadays you can of course put the money to good use and... moving or transporting furniture is already expensive enough.

Do you want to know what an entire move or furniture transport costs at different companies, but you don't have time to figure this out at all? Then we would like to help you with this.

Request a free quote from Moving

The transport of furniture is easily arranged at Moving. At Moving you only have to fill in one application form, after which we will send it to the 6 best moving companies in your region. They will contact you within 24 hours. This way you can opt for extra affordable furniture transport at your leisure.

Why would you choose a moving company at Moving?

Everyone knows that moving cheaply at Moving is very possible, but few know that these professional moving companies also carry out professional furniture transport.

We are therefore almost certain that you will be very satisfied with one of the moving companies that also offer their services at a very low price. Why should you even try it? Well, reasons enough!

Advantages of our affiliated movers

  • The moving companies always try to work at competitive prices
  • Inexpensive, but with the best services
  • Available nationwide
  • Transparent call-out costs
  • Experienced driver
  • Contact without obligation
  • Always employ professional movers

Do you perhaps need a storage space?

Furniture transport often goes hand in hand with storage. This is due to the fact that the items cannot be stored in the new home after purchase.

Self storage

Yes, you could also rent a self-storage for this, but then you also have to do everything yourself. From packing and transport to unpacking and placing in the storage room.

Maybe you have the necessary experience with this, but you probably don't have time for this at all since it can all be quite time consuming. And that is why it is wise to call in professional people for this.

Cheap furniture transport

Do you want to know what an entire move or furniture transport costs? Then you can now easily at Moving request quotes at different moving companies.

You only need to fill in one application form. This will be sent to the 5 best moving companies in your region and you will receive the non-binding quotes in your mailbox within 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does furniture transport cost?

Furniture transport costs often start around €70 and can go up to €85 per hour.

What does a sofa delivery cost?

The price for a sofa delivery often starts at € 1 per kilometer, but moving companies often also offer cheaper packages.

How much does a box delivery cost?

You can often have a cupboard delivered from €1 per kilometre, but moving companies often also offer cheap packages.

What does a delivery van cost per hour?

Moving companies often charge daily prices for the rental of vans. The price for renting a van per day is often between €25 and €45.

Is it difficult to drive a van?

Delivery vans have a longer braking distance than passenger cars. Keep this in mind while driving and pay particular attention to this when cornering. With a van, you will of course also need a larger parking space when parking. So actually this is not very difficult!