Sustainable moving company: that makes the difference

Environmentally friendly moving fits in very well with the trend of recent years to put less pressure on the planet. More and more people are aware of the things they do and now also know that certain actions release harmful substances.

It is therefore no coincidence that sustainable relocations will be extremely popular in 2023. Why not move with less plastic waste and CO2 emissions?

Why do I have to move permanently?

Are you moving soon and are you thinking about a sustainable move? Then Moving is the right place for you.

Sustainable moving is just part of it nowadays. Of course it is not entirely possible for 100% to be environmentally friendly, but you can always try!

Responsible and sustainable moving

A move not only means emissions from the moving van, but unfortunately this also means a lot of waste. For example, professional moving materials and various cleaning products are required.

Fortunately, nowadays when you move you can not only opt for an environmentally friendly move, but also for sustainable cleaning.

Tips for moving sustainably

At Moving we always choose the planet and that is why we would like to help you with tips for moving more sustainably.

Tip 1. Plastic moving boxes

You can now easily rent plastic moving boxes online. Various companies offer you the option of delivering the boxes to your old home and collecting them at the new home.

These plastic moving boxes can be used for up to 450 moves and the material is often also fully recyclable. Moving companies will send these to the recycling center in the event of damage over time.

Tip 2. Rent cardboard moving boxes

Would you rather opt for the old-fashioned cardboard moving boxes? Then it is a better option to rent it. This can be done very easily with a sustainable moving company.

These professional cardboard boxes are of good and sturdy quality, so they last a long time. These sustainable moving boxes are used for multiple moves, so you create less waste.

Tip 3. Buy second-hand moving boxes

Do you really want to moving boxes purchase to move your fragile items? Then you may choose to purchase second-hand moving boxes. On marketplace you can find many offers for this.

Tip 4. Ask your environment for help

Often family, friends or acquaintances still have some old boxes in the garage that you might be able to borrow. You can always ask them because who doesn't dare who doesn't win!

Tip 5. Pay attention to the packing materials

Unfortunately, most packaging materials are made of plastic, but if you look carefully you can find environmentally friendly materials these days. Consider, for example, biodegradable paper.

You can also use old socks, sheets, old newspapers or clothing to pack things. This is of course also just sustainable moving material.

Tip 6. Donate your stuff

Do you have a lot of furniture that is still usable? Then don't throw it away and do something fun with it! For example, you can donate it to a charity or you can choose that the local thrift store collects everything for free.

Thrift stores are very fond of household appliances and when you have them picked up you not only care for the environment, but you also make other people happy with it.

Sustainable moving with a moving company

Unfortunately, moving outside the Randstad is still a bit difficult. As a result, organizing sustainable relocations in these places is somewhat more difficult.

Fortunately, there are plenty of moving companies from the Randstad that also work outside the Randstad, so you can use their sustainable services.

A sustainable moving company with electric moving vans

Most moving companies in the Netherlands have already switched to electric moving vans. This way you can have your things moved with electric transport, which is of course also better for the environment.

A sustainable relocation and clean delivery

With a move comes a big cleaning. This applies to both the old house and your new house. Both need a good cleaning. The current home must of course be delivered broom clean and the new home must of course be clean before you move in.

100% biodegradable

Concentrated cleaning products are slightly better for the environment, but you can of course always use 100% natural cleaning products.

The most responsible way of cleaning is of course to use soda, vinegar or green soap, but nowadays there are also other new cleaning products and brands on the market that do not damage the environment either.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do to live sustainably?

Choose a small living space so that you also use less energy. Insulate your home well and choose sustainable building materials.

How do you build a sustainable house?

Choose environmentally friendly construction methods and materials. Also take the reuse of materials into account and do not opt too quickly for new materials or for demolition.

How do I make my home greener?

Replace all light bulbs in the home with energy saving bulbs. Always turn off appliances and lower your fridge. You can also choose to insulate your home properly.

How to live without gas?

In this case you can opt for sustainable energy. Consider, for example, solar panels for which you can often also receive a subsidy.

How do I become energy neutral?

You can install solar panels on the roof, provide better insulation by installing triple glazing, for example. It might also be an idea to install a heat pump.