renting storage space; a secure storage

Heb je een verhuizing op de planning staan? Of ga je verbouwen en heb je oude spulletjes die je nog niet hebt kunnen verkopen? Dan je nu waarschijnlijk een (tijdelijke) opslagplaats nodig. In de eerste instantie denk je hier niet aan wanneer je will move of verbouwen, want je hebt de spullen toch nodig? En je neemt ze toch gewoon mee?

Why rent storage space?

You can rent storage space when you are moving and cannot move everything with you, when you are going to renovate or when you simply have things that you would rather not store in your home. Think of antiques or objects that you have inherited, but have not used, for example.

How can you rent a storage space?

It renting a storage space , opslagbox of mini opslag hoeft helemaal niet zo moeilijk te zijn. Vooral niet wanneer je al geniet van de services van een moving company. In dit geval hoef je dit alleen nog maar bij het verhuisbedrijf aan te kaarten en zij zullen alles voor je uit handen nemen. Van het inladen, vervoeren tot het uitladen van de spullen in de opslagruimte.

Finding the right space as a storage space is done in no time. Many moving companies offer their own storage space or mini storage. In this article we would like to explain it all to you.

Types of storage space and size

Renting storage space can be done in different ways because there are different types of storage space. For example, moving companies often have different locations with extra storage space where the spaces are all different. But many companies that rent out storage space also have storage units of various sizes. These can be large storage spaces or a mini storage.

Which storage space to choose

If you need storage and are looking for a good storage location, it is wise to always ask whether it is a conditioned space, whether your belongings are insured and whether the storage is located near your location.

Storing personal belongings

There are also people who have extra space left and rent it out as storage space. You can think of a garage that they do not use because they use the public parking lot or a shed that is empty on the ground floor.

Renting cheap storage space from private individuals seems very attractive at first because of the low prices, but make no mistake! Of course you want your belongings to be safe and that it concerns the best space so that your belongings are not damaged. Unfortunately, the services and conditions at private individuals are not always of high quality.

Of course you can always ask if you can see the room first, since you may want to temporarily store your entire belongings. Often they do not find this a problem.

(Temporary) storage at professional landlords

Professional landlords are experienced, clear and often have very good conditions and guidelines. And their furniture storage areas are also very professional. For example, they are well built, they are heated and they are also conditioned.

Empty garages

Both private individuals and housing associations offer vacant garages as storage space. It is also important to look at the condition and quality of the space in garages belonging to housing associations, because there is a high risk of mould.

A moving company

Voor een scherpe prijs inboedel opslaan kan ook altijd bij een professioneel verhuisbedrijf. Ook dit soort opslagruimtes zijn van zeer goede kwaliteit waardoor jij je geen zorgen hoeft te maken om je huisraad. Ook hebben verhuisbedrijven professioneel materiaal beschikbaar zoals moving boxes en verhuisdekens om jouw spullen te beschermen.

Renting a moving container as a temporary storage facility

Veel mensen weten nog niet dat het bestaat maar het is ook mogelijk om een (mobiele) verhuiscontainer te huren die bij jouw op de stoep wordt geplaatst. Zo profiteer je van het gebruiksgemak van een verplaatsbare container en verhuis en klus je nog gemakkelijker als je grote meubels moet verplaatsen.

Self storage (mini storage)

Self-storage companies have small, but sometimes also large warehouses where you can store things. Does a company have several small storage boxes and do you need more space? Then you may be able to rent several storage boxes. These types of companies are also professional and you can be sure that your belongings are safe. Always ask for their prices and conditions in advance so that you do not have to deal with hidden costs later.

Forbidden things

Of course you can't just store everything in a storage space. What is prohibited can differ per landlord, but in general these rules are the same. For example, you are usually not allowed to store toxic, flammable and/or dangerous substances, weapons or drugs. And what sounds logical, but is usually also on the list are live animals.

How much storage space do you need?

How much storage space you need depends of course on various factors. In the first instance, you always need the m3 of your household goods for this. You can calculate this yourself, but because this can be quite difficult, you can now also use our calculator.

Use our m3 calculator for free

By answering a few simple questions, our m3 calculator can calculate the size of your household contents. This way you not only know exactly how big the storage space needs to be, but you also know immediately which moving van is needed for your move.

Rent cheap storage space

The prices for renting a storage space are very different. Companies often have fixed prices, but it can also happen that their business customers, for example, have different prices. Furthermore, the fixed prices for the rental of course also depend on the location and size of the space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I store stuff?

You can store things in a private garage, at a household contents storage company or at a moving company.

How much storage space do you need?

For a family, around 3 m3 is usually counted on. Do you want to know exactly what you need? Then you can now use our M3 calculator for free.

What does renting a warehouse cost per m2?

A household goods storage company usually charges between €480 and €550 per m2.

How much does renting a storage box cost?

A mini storage is usually between 1m3 and 5m3 in size and costs on average between €7 and €22 per week.

What does storage at a moving company cost?

With a moving company, short-term storage space will cost between $130 and $180 per month, and long-term storage will cost between $55 and $95.