Moving allowance: what it is and how it works

You wouldn't think so for a small country like the Netherlands, but according to the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), 1.79 million removals are carried out in the Netherlands every year!

Some of these relocations are voluntary, but some of the relocations are also necessary.

What is a moving allowance?

In the Netherlands, if you are forced to move due to renovation or demolition, you are entitled to a moving expense allowance from your landlord. There are of course also other situations in which the The landlord sometimes pays the tenant a moving allowance must pay.

Financial compensation in case of forced relocation

The relocation allowance is a contribution towards the costs of moving and refurbishing the home.

Am I entitled to a relocation allowance?

As you have read before, you are entitled to a removal allowance when there is a necessary renovation or demolition. In both cases you may be eligible for a relocation allowance.

In these cases, this is due to the fact that there is force majeure and it is not a voluntary choice. In this case, the landlord will have to pay the removal allowance to the tenant.

Relocation allowance for health reasons

It often happens that people are forced to move for medical reasons. Think of a disabled elderly person who can no longer walk stairs and where a stairlift cannot be placed in the home.

This is therefore a forced move because you can of course understand that such a person has to live on the ground floor for medical reasons. Of course, someone cannot never leave their home again.

You were not yet aware of these restrictions when you accepted the current home

One condition is that when you accepted the current home you were not yet aware of the medical problems you are experiencing now. These problems must also be demonstrable.

Special assistance for demolition or renovation of a rented house

If you are forced to move due to demolition or renovation, you are legally entitled to a relocation allowance. It therefore makes no difference whether it concerns independent homes of housing corporations or of a commercial tenant. In these cases, both are legally obliged to provide compensation to the tenant.

Social Support Act

Every municipality in the Netherlands has a budget available every year for owner-occupied or rented homes that need to be renovated or demolished. This is called the Social Support Act (WMO). Under this law, tenants may be eligible for a relocation allowance WMO.

How can you apply for WMO relocation allowance?

Every municipality in the Netherlands organizes this financial compensation differently and so asking for financial compensation is different for every municipality. However, most municipalities have a WMO desk or neighborhood teams that you can go to with questions.

Payment compensation in cash or kind

A landlord can also always offer tenants to arrange the move instead of paying the fee. The painting and furnishing of the new home also fall under these costs.

This can of course be a nice offer, but as a tenant you are certainly not obliged to accept this offer. So you can refuse it if you want to get it paid out in money. The landlord is then obliged to pay you the minimum fee.

Moving soon with urgency?

Getting a moving allowance is not the only thing you can be helped with in the Netherlands. In addition to this financial allowance, you can also get priority over homes with a special label.

These are homes that are reserved for urgent situations. Please note that you are not automatically entitled to urgent medical care after you have been granted a relocation allowance. You must request this separately and you can of course still be refused.

The rank order

There is of course a ranking for urgent homes. This is important so that the municipality knows exactly who needs a home as quickly as possible. The order for homes with a special label is medical emergencies first, followed by WMO indications, and the over-65s third.

People over 65 and an urgent home

When elderly people urgently move to a home that is suitable for the elderly or suitable for wheelchairs, the condition is that this is an independent home. When an elderly person moves to a sheltered housing or nursing home, he is not entitled to the scheme.

NB! A home may not be refused.

When you are assigned an urgent home, you may not refuse it. Do you do this? Then you should always contact the municipality where you live, because such a refusal can have serious consequences for your urgency.

Professional moving companies

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is entitled to a relocation allowance?

Tenants of an independent home or caravan with a pitch who unfortunately have to move due to circumstances are entitled to a relocation allowance. When you live in rooms, you are often also entitled to a relocation allowance.

Can you apply for a relocation allowance?

You can apply for a relocation allowance at the municipality in your current place of residence. Most municipalities have a special WMO counter for this. It also makes no difference that you move to a new municipality. The municipality from which you are moving will discuss with the other municipality what needs to be done. The municipality then decides together with the new municipality what should be done.

How does moving allowance work?

If you as a tenant are obliged and/or have to leave the rental property temporarily due to renovation or demolition, you are entitled to a relocation allowance from your landlord. If you move after February 28, 2023, the minimum amount for the relocation allowance is €7156.

What is covered by WMO relocation allowance?

Of course you are not just entitled to a relocation allowance from the WMO. For this you have to meet all kinds of conditions. For example, there must be a medical necessity and there must be long-term medical problems.

Which costs are covered by relocation allowance?

An employer or landlord can reimburse the moving costs in full. Consider, for example, hiring a moving company. Of course, these costs must be demonstrable by means of an invoice.