Rent a moving van; the differences

Hurrah! You're finally moving. This all sounds very nice, but you must also realize that there is a lot involved. One of the most important things during a move is of course moving your belongings from A to B. Are you planning one to rent a moving van? Then read on!

Why rent a moving van?

When you move, you will soon think of renting a large moving van. This is of course also very logical, because renting a moving van also clicks very well. However, there are of course also smaller buses that you can rent.

However, it may also be the case that you have a smaller move planned and in this case renting a large moving van is of course not necessary. Fortunately, there are also smaller removal vans that can be used for smaller removals.

Moving vans or using your own car?

Do you really have very little stuff? Is it so little that you can actually use a passenger car for this? Then it is of course not necessary to rent a van and you can of course just use your car for this. Don't have a car? Then you can possibly look at a rental car.

Do you have some large objects that you need to move? Then you probably need a moving van. In this case, renting a small moving van is of course a better option.

Rent a small moving van

Do you want to rent a smaller car because your household contents are not very large, but your car is too small? Then you can choose from different types of buses. Think, for example, of the popular Volkswagen Transporter van or the well-known Renault Master van.

The Volkswagen Transporter

When you rent a smaller moving van, you do not need a special driver's license. This is of course always useful to know when car rental.

The Volkswagen Transporter is a very popular bus because the size of the bus is just right for a smaller move. The loading space and the dimensions are perfect for this. Of course, always look at your furniture and make sure that the dimensions match the bus so that it does not happen that an object does not fit in the bus.

How does renting a moving van work?

Car rental, renting a moving van or renting a moving van can be extremely time-consuming and complicated. Rental companies are unfortunately known for this and this can be quite annoying for smaller moves.

Professional moving companies

You would be wise to consult a professional moving company where renting a moving van is also extremely easy. In this case you don't have to worry about anything.

Rent the van that you need and all you have to do is pick it up, move it and then return the bus at the agreed time.

Rent a moving van and move cheaply

People often mistakenly think that renting a moving van and moving cheaply do not go together. This is probably because people often think of a large truck when they think of renting a moving van.

Look at the fleet when you rent a moving van

A moving company almost always has different types of moving vans. There are large moving vans that you can rent, but you can often also rent a small moving van such as a Renault Master.

There are also sometimes special vans with a hydraulic tailgate and you can easily transport the few things you have with the small van. Do you need a much larger moving van? Then this can of course also be arranged.

Renting a moving truck costs

You have probably already noticed online that the prices for rental moving vans vary quite a bit. The price for a smaller moving van varies from €35 to €59 per day.

Cost of renting a moving van per hour

Moving companies often charge daily prices, but when you rent a bus from a car rental company, this is usually per hour. In this case, a moving van will cost between €55 and €75 per hour, depending on the size.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does renting a moving van cost?

A moving van will cost you between €25 and €30. A small removal van between €38 and €45 and a large removal van between €55 and €63. A small truck costs on average between €83 and €91 and a large truck between €97 and €107.

How much does a moving van with driver cost?

A small moving van costs between €35 and €59 and this is the price including driver. The driver usually also helps with the move.

How big a van do you need for a move?

For the right moving van, you first need to calculate the cubic meters of your household effects. You can use our M3 calculator for free.

What does a moving company cost for 1 day?

A moving company for 1 day costs on average between €850 and €1100. For larger contents, these costs can amount to €1200 or even €2650.

How much does a moving company cost per hour?

A moving company usually charges between €33 and €38 per hour mover. If you hire a moving van and movers (2 movers), this will cost you approximately €133 per hour.