Rent a moving lift? Always useful!

Do you want to rent a moving lift? Unfortunately, when a move, renovation or evacuation is planned, it is often forgotten that a removal lift may be needed.

Renting a removal lift is not only convenient because it makes the move, renovation or evacuation easier, but in many cases it is simply necessary.

Why rent a removal lift?

Have you ever rented a moving lift before? Then you are probably already familiar with the many advantages of using a moving lift during the moving job.

This way you can not only move your belongings damage-free, but it is also a lot safer for the movers. Moving via the stairwell is often unsafe.

Hire type of moving lift

Moving lifts come in all shapes and sizes. For example, some of these elevators only go up to the 3rd floor, while other types of elevators can easily go up to the 9th floor. Which one you need depends of course on your home. The most common types are:

Rent a construction lift or ladder lift

When moving companies talk about 'our moving lift', they often refer to the built-up lift, also known as the ladder lift. This is the most common moving lift. This is of course due to the fact that this is the most commonly used moving lift.

Electro lift or electric elevator

The electric moving lift has a smaller moving container than the surface-mounted lift and unfortunately also has a lower load capacity. However, this moving lift can be extended to about 20 meters! This means that the removal lift can reach approximately the 5th floor.

Motorcycle lift

The motorcycle lift is the moving lift for great heights. This moving lift goes up to 30 meters! You can compare this with about the 9th floor. It also has a load capacity of up to 300 kilos!

You can always ask!

As you can see, there are different types of moving lifts that you can rent. Are you unsure about which type of moving lift you need?

Then the experienced movers of the moving or transport company can also help you with this. The above removal lifts are most often used for a move.

Is your home actually suitable for elevator rental?

Unfortunately, not every home is suitable for a move with a move. Just like the fact that renting a removal lift is sometimes necessary, it can also be impossible.

It is also important that there is enough space around the house and that sufficient distance can be kept. Usually between 4 and 5 meters is sufficient.

It is also important that there is a solid surface, if it is a soft surface, the lift can collapse and this is very dangerous.

How should the elevator be controlled?

Let's start with the most frequently asked question. How should the elevator be controlled? When you rent a moving lift, it takes care of this moving company everything and renting a moving lift always includes a professional mover.

Do you need a permit?

Permits are usually required, but whether you have to apply for these yourself depends entirely on the mover where you will rent the removal lift.

Applying for a permit is actually not very complicated.

To give you an example.. when you search on Google for 'rental moving lift Amsterdam' you will see that it is free and that you can even request this up to 5 minutes in advance! Renting a removal lift in Amsterdam is often the case that you need it.

Advantages of renting a removal lift

With a moving lift, you can not only move more safely, but also faster. This way you can finish the move even faster and who let's be honest .. who doesn't want this?

An experienced mover and an extra mover

When renting a moving lift, professional operation is often mandatory at moving companies. Of course, an experienced mover must always be present to operate the removal lift. When you rent a moving lift, it always includes an extra mover.

However, think twice need a mover to have? Then you can always indicate this to moving companies.

This way you can during a complete move not only moving quickly, but also moving a lot easier. The movers lift objects with the moving lift, so that your belongings can be moved safely and without any damage.

Need to rent a removal lift urgently?

As we have indicated earlier, renting a removal lift is unfortunately often forgotten during a move. It often happens that people only find out about this during the move, renovation or eviction.

And what do you do then? You have to transport the stuff, because you can't leave this alone. The rent has already been canceled!

Again, no worries! Nowadays you can rent a moving lift urgently at most moving companies! An experienced mover always tries to work as flexibly as possible so that he can make time for emergency moves at the last minute.

Cheap moving and renting a moving lift

Are you looking for extra affordable rates for your move during these expensive times? And do you want to know the prices for renting removal lifts? Then you can now easily use Moving's relocation service. You can request free quotes!

Free quotes at Moving

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to rent a moving lift?

You can rent an electric moving lift for €95 to €155 per day. A ladder lift with operator costs around €70 to €95 per hour.

Do you need a permit for a removal lift?

If the removal lift does not have a registration number, you must submit an object report to the municipality. You must apply for an object permit for a removal lift with a registration number. Sometimes moving companies already have these, so always check this in advance.

How many kilos can a moving lift carry?

This differs per removal lift. The load capacity of the largest moving lift is usually 250 kilograms. A removal lift on a trailer usually has a load capacity of around 200 kilograms and a construction lift about 150 kilograms.

How much does a ladder lift weigh?

A ladder lift itself weighs around 555 kilograms.

Who can help me move?

You can ask family, friends and acquaintances for help, but the best thing is of course to call in a professional moving company.