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This website is safe

Trusted since 2001

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Moving companies

Moving can be tough and it is often considered as a very stressful time in ones life. Moving can especially be tough when you have to do it alone, however there is no need for you to do it all by yourself. There are many moving companies that would love to manage your relocation stress!

We can help you out

Professional movers offer a wide variety of moving services in order to give you a stress free move. This means that they will offer you care and professionalism. Whatever you want you can request, however everything does a price.

Moving companies in the Netherlands

Yes, the Netherlands is a very small country but it has a lot to offer when it comes to the moving industry. You might not expect it but this little ‘kikkerlandje’ has around 900 moving companies. Most of them are based in in big Dutch cities such as Den Haag, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht.

However, you can also find them in other Dutch cities such as Leeuwarden, Maastricht or Zwolle. Wherever you are in the Netherlands.. There is always an (international) moving company that can help you out.

Are they fit for the job?

Anyone can start an (international) removals business, but are they fit for the job? Do they use the right equipment and a great team of professionals? What is their clients rate and do they even offer you the best prices?

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Moving to the rescue

At Moving we have a big network that consist of the best and skilled movers in the country. There is no way that you can find other skilled companies better than the ones we offer your. With a little bit of help from Moving you can be assured to get the best relocation service of your life!

The best moving service you can get

Each and every (expat)moving company has the required expertise for local and international relocations. Every (expat)moving company has been screened which means that all of the customers can relax and enjoy the security.

Furthermore, the quality of moving services are also very important. Especially for a professional moving company of course. Our network can provide you the best moving company in your town with the best moving services for local but also for an international move.

For Moving it is just important to ensure each and everyone of you a stress free moving. Why would we not ease your transition when we can?

Moving made easy in 3 steps

Step 1 – Find the best movers

Share your moving wishes with us and we will search trough our database of more than 1000+ movers and match your move with the best 6 moving companies available.

Step 2 – Receive quotes from prof. movers

Get up to 6 free quotes from top quality movers. Compare the quotes and save up to 40% on your move.

Step 3 – The best deals

We allready pre-selected the best movers for you so you can make the best choice. With you will never ever pay to much for a move again.

Joyce wil verhuizen naar Amsterdam Adil zoekt een ontruimingsbedrijf Marian heeft een verhuislift nodig Jakob wil emigreren naar Spanje Shan wil zijn kantoor verhuizen

An international moving company

In the Netherlands a lot of people search for an expat moving company. This because of the fact that the Netherlands is quite popular amongst expats. Thankfully, an expat moving company in the Netherlands is easy to find. Each international moving company does not only target relocations in Europe but will all the companies combined you can move to more than 130 countries around the world!

An international relocation service is complicated

International relocation services are pretty difficult. One can say it is a hard but satisfying job. That is why when arranging an international move the companies always start out with a pre-move consultation. This way they can review your details, belongings, your needs and they will also look at the services you need or desire. The consultant of the moving company will work everything out with the customers and when the consultation is successfully finished the booking will be finalized.

A moving manager

When the booking is finalized everything will be handed over to a moving manager. The moving manager is the person that will coordinate the logistics but also all of the paperwork. He is also your personal manager in case of any questions or emergencies. What happens after all this depends on your booked moving services.

What is a moving service?

Are you moving but are you not looking to do any work? Then you are in luck! The professional full service movers can handle all of the tasks you do not want to do yourself. This way you can just sit back, watch the move and relax. Some people do want to take care of their move but sometimes they are just not able to.

A extra relocation service might not be the cheapest option, but the convenience provided is always worth it.

Supplying all materials

We can imagine that you might not have the time for endless trips to the store for moving boxes, tape, bubble wrap or whatever. An (expat)moving company can supply everything you need for the move.

Packing up and unpacking

Packing is something that is necessary for a move. It is also one of the most difficult and most time consuming parts of your move and you might want to skip this. Movers can do this for you. These are trained packers who can pack your belongings safely in de boxes and if you do not want to unpack either.. they can carry this out as well.

Furniture disassembly by a handyman

Of course you want your furniture to arrive safely to your final destination and this sometimes means that some pieces have to be disassembled. This can be done partial or fully. Also, in your new home you have to reassemble the furniture again and a handyman can do all this for you!

Moving lifts

If you are moving from or to an upper floor a moving lift can be necessary to carry out everything. Also, when items do not fit on the stairs or elevator you might need a moving lift as well.

Receive up to 6 Free Quotes from Moving Companies

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Moving costs

You are at the right place if you are looking for an affordable moving company. What the moving costs for your move will be all depends on the different services you need or want. We will give you a few examples.

A discounted moving

You can make the move as expensive as you like. If you need a discounted moving you can lower the costs for your move by doing most of the necessary preparations yourself.

Full moving services

A full moving service means that the moving company will take care of everything. Literally everything.

Partial packing

Are there some jobs you do not like to carry out yourself? Maybe the packing or unpacking of your belongings? In this case you always have the option to only pay for the service you really need. Some companies even have student movers who carry out such tasks for lower prices.

Specialty moving

Do you have special furniture or items that need to be moved? For example a piano? This is no problem for the professional movers since they can help you out with these and usually it is carried out on the same day.

Budget friendly moving services

Moving on budget is certainly possible. It just means that you have to customize your move. Every (expat)moving company offers different budget friendly moving services so you just have to inform yourself about their services.

Make sure to always to this because we are sure that you do not want to deal with hidden fees afterwards.

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If you have any questions regarding moving or other services such as renting a moving lift or another removal service please contact us.

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For the best rates for moving services you can now get your free quotes from Moving. Within 24 hours you will receive free quotes from the 6 best and skilled movers in your region. At Moving we have moved thousands of people so we for sure do know how to help you in the best way.

Receive up to 6 Free Quotes from Moving Companies

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This website is safe

Trusted since 2001