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The Best Moving Company

The Netherlands is a small country, but there are a lot of big moving companies. A lot. Especially in big Dutch cities such as Den Haag, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht. But do they have the right equipment, best prices and amazing team of movers? As mentioned before we have a network of the best moving companies. These movers have the required expertise for local and international relocations but they alsof have years of experience with expats that move around. Some of them you can basically also call an expat moving company. All of the moving companies have been screened before being hired by us. This way our customers can feel safe and secure during the move.

The quality of moving services are very important to a professional moving company. Our network provides you with moving companies for a moving service for local but also for an international relocation. For us it is important to ensure a stress free moving with any relocation service. This way we can ease your transition.

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International moving company

The international moving services do not only target Europe but with all the moving companies combined you can move to more than 130 countries around the world. The process of an internationale move is a very hard job. Usually the companies start out with a pre-move consultation. They will review your details, belongings and they will look at all the services that you need. Together with you the consultant of the moving company will work everything out. When the consultation is done the consultant can book your move so that everything will be finalized.

After this step te clients will be redirected to a moving manager. He will coordinate the logistics but also all of the paperwork. What happens next depends on your booked services. Did you choose for movers to pack all of your belongings? Or did you just book the option for the movers to pick up your belongings? Whatever you have chosen will be executed as agreed. After all this everything will be transported and last but not least it wil be delivered in your new home. If you have booked an unpacking service the movers will also unpack all of the items in your new home.


Moving costs

We only work with affordable moving companies. Our moving services come with different but flexible options. This way you can choose an affordable moving company but also choose the moving services that you need. By choosing the service you need you can create a customized service and pricing plan that fits your budget. A few examples of the options are:

  • A discounted moving
    You can lower the costs for your moving by making doing some of the necessary preparations yourself. The movers can for example only help with the transportation of your belongings.
  • Full Moving Services
    When you choose the full moving service option it means that the moving company will take care of everything. From the packing of your belongings to the unpacking of the boxes in your new house.
  • Partial Packing
    The movers can help you pack all of the items in your house. Think about fragile objects such as glass table tops or other breakable items. The professional movers have moved thousands of fragile items and/or furniture and know exactly what to do.
  • Specialty Moving
    Do you have special items that need to be moved? For example a piano or antique? In this case the overs can help you with a stress free move by moving these fragile and special items.

Moving with a moving company from our network means working with the best rates and no hidden fees.

If you have the luxury of moving without budget you can of course move without customizing your relocation. You can let our movers take care everything. You do not need to worry about belongings because everything will be handled with care.

Moving with a budget is certainly also possible. You only have to customize your move. Every moving company has made it a little bit easier for you by offering you special options. When you move budget friendly you can expect the same best services.

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