Need a moving company with an elevator? Which can!

Are you planning a move soon? Then it is of course very important to take a good look at what exactly you want to do. The most important question you should ask yourself is whether you want to carry out the move yourself or whether you prefer a professional one hire movers.

Hire type of moving lift

There are several lifts on the market. For example, there is a suitable elevator for every move or different floors. The most well-known are the built-up or also called ladder lift, the electro or also called electric lift and the motorcycle lift.

A moving lift for every job

Have you canceled the lease on your old home and are you finally able to... going to move? Have you already decided whether you will carry out the move yourself or whether you will outsource the move to a professional? moving company? Then we can now look together at the benefit of one rent a moving lift.

Renting a moving lift is always a good choice. It makes your move a lot easier. With a moving lift you can not only move large objects, but with a moving lift you can even move your entire household contents.

Fortunately, renting an elevator is not difficult at all and can save you a lot of time during this hectic period in your life.

First check whether you need a moving lift

Moving lifts are of course not always necessary, but in some cases a moving lift is certainly necessary. For example, a moving lift is almost always used when moving apartments. In this case you are usually moving from a higher floor movers Of course, you cannot always move your belongings via the stairwell.

Think of doorposts that are too narrow, for example, so that some furniture cannot be moved. You can think of, for example, an American fridge or a piano. In this case, a removal lift is also required because the items must then be moved through the window or balcony. A removal lift is therefore always the right solution.

Removal lifts must always be placed in front of the building and it is important that the lift is not placed on a soft surface. Furthermore, there should always be a distance of about 4 to 5 meters between the lift and the home. It is of course also important that there is sufficient space to drive the lift into the street.

Are you not sure whether you can rent a moving lift?? Do you want to be sure that your home is suitable for this? In this case, you can always contact the relevant moving company by telephone so that their moving lift specialist can help you further.

Advantages of a moving lift

To make moves easier, not only are extra movers or a moving van required, but renting a moving lift also makes your move a lot easier. With moving lifts, the mover no longer has to lift the items and you can easily transport the items.

Professional movers and the operation of the moving lift

Moving companies are always proud of their moving lifts. This is of course logical, because they are large devices that they have available for rental. This is why people almost always talk about 'our moving lifts' or 'our moving lift'.

You don't have to worry about the moving lift. Assembly and disassembly of the removal lift is always done by the movers and the operation of the lift is always carried out by an extra mover. The mover who operates the lift has the necessary experience and knows exactly how to operate the lifts. This way, the moving company can guarantee the safety of everyone involved.

As you have read before, renting a moving lift always comes with an extra mover. This will not only be present to set up the moving lift, but will also operate it.

Do you need extra help during the move? Then you can also ask for extra experienced movers. This way, when you rent a moving lift, you no longer have to worry about the move. Everything is arranged for you.

Rent a removal lift urgently

Sometimes customers only find out on the moving day that they cannot move at all without a removal lift. Of course, this only happens when certain furniture does not fit through the door. It is therefore always useful to view all dimensions in advance to find out whether renting a removal lift is necessary so that you can arrange this in time with a professional mover.

Did you forget to arrange this due to circumstances? Then this is fortunately not a problem. With most moving companies in the Netherlands you can also easily rent a moving lift urgently. For example, a removal lift can be used at the last minute for everyone who is moving.

Renting a moving lift costs

Do you want to know how much it costs to rent a removal lift? Then of course you can always request quotes for this. This is useful, because, for example, different prices are often charged for private customers than for business customers.

Free quotes at Moving

At Moving you cannot request one free quote, but you can request several at once with one application form moving quotes to request. This is not only easier, but also completely free!

When we receive your request, we will send it to the 6 moving companies in your region and they will contact you within 24 hours. This way you can choose the no-obligation quote that best suits your budget and wishes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a moving van with a lift cost?

You can often rent a moving lift from €95 to €155 per day at a moving company.

How expensive is a moving lift?

You pay about €70 to €95 per hour for a ladder lift.

How many kilos can a moving lift carry?

This depends on the type of lift, but a large removal lift often has a load capacity of up to 250 kilograms.

How much space do you need for a moving lift?

There should be a distance of about 10 meters between the house and the elevator. Of course there must also be sufficient space for placing the lift. This is preferably in a parking space under the balcony or window.

Do you need a permit for a removal lift?

If the removal lift does not have a registration number, you can make an object report, which is also free. Does the elevator have a license plate? Then you need to apply for a permit for this. For more information about this, it is best to consult the website of your municipality.