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Moving can be chaotic. Moving can be hectic. You have to plan the move, arrange administrative matters and you also have to take care of yourself and perhaps your surroundings.

Movers can help you.

It is therefore not a coincidence that more and more people are turning to professionals and their services outsource relocation to a professional moving company. Experienced movers can save you a lot of moving stress.

To hire a moving company or not?

For a carefree move, it is especially important to prepare yourself well. Even if you choose to outsource your move to one of the professional moving companies in the Netherlands.

Think carefully

It is especially important not only to look at the practicalities of your move, such as moving your belongings, but it is also important to look at the costs of the move. In the end you don't move for free. Not even when you carry out the move yourself.

How do you find a good moving company?

You are probably in your search for one moving company You can already find several moving companies on the internet. You have probably also noticed that there are huge price differences between these moving companies. Why is that?

How does comparing moving companies work?

Comparing moving companies with each other is very easy these days. You can use the internet for this. Moving can also help you here, so read on quickly.

Approvals of movers

It is of course not without reason that some moving companies are more expensive than others. The reason for this may sound strange, but the price difference is due to certain memberships. We are happy to explain this to you.

Recognized Movers

In the moving world there is a branch organization called Erkende Verhuizers. As a moving company, you can join voluntarily. Some moving companies are eager to join this and some prefer to remain independent.

Join the trade association

Moving companies that choose to join usually do so because they can offer their customers extra service in this way. You may now think, but what kind of extra services are these, since the differences in prices vary considerably.

Good conditions, insurance and guarantees

What recognized moving companies can offer their customers are good conditions. For example, all affiliated moving companies have the same conditions and can therefore issue their customers with a guarantee certificate when booking.

Move with peace of mind

In this way, the customer can be sure at all times that the move will go ahead. Also in the event of a bankruptcy, for example. In this case, another recognized moving company will take over the move for the price previously agreed upon by you.

Insured up to high amounts

Furthermore, a recognized moving company is very well insured. Your household effects are insured up to an amount of € 100.00! Within the Netherlands you are even all-risk insured. The amount paid out in the event of damage or theft is based on the replacement value of your belongings.

Extra cost

For these guarantees and services, the affiliated removal companies must of course pay the necessary costs to the organization. These kinds of luxury guarantees cost quite a bit and you can imagine that this is not a low amount and these costs are of course passed on to the customer.

Is an unauthorized moving company less good?

Every moving company in the Netherlands is professional. Of course you can't just start a moving company with just a few inexperienced movers. Yes, one moving company is better than the other.

Read the reviews carefully

And yes, one moving company has better conditions than the other, but you cannot say that a non-recognized moving company is less good as a recognized moving company. That is why it is also recommended to read the online reviews of movers. This usually tells a lot about the moving company in question.

Being dependent entails less costs

Moving companies that choose not to join do so mainly because of the high costs. They do not want and/or cannot afford these costs. They also often want to remain independent.

Nothing is charged

If you, as a moving company, do not join anything, this means that you can decide everything yourself. This includes the conditions, insurance and services. Most moving companies do not want to pass on additional costs to the customer. This way they can keep costs low and you as a customer can moving cheaply.

Always read the terms and conditions carefully

One thing that is important and that you should not forget is that if you choose an unrecognized moving company, you should look carefully at their terms and conditions. They all have their own conditions and it is important to read everything carefully. Always inform yourself well.

Ask about the insurance policies and conditions

For example, always ask about their insurance in advance. Of course you want your household effects to be properly insured during a move. Also note that the moving company does not work with subsequent calculation, because then you will end up a lot more expensive later and you do not want this of course.

Additional moving services

A move is of course about much more than just the transport of your household effects. Relocations often also have many other side issues. Think of lifting, assembling and disassembling furniture, connecting electricity and all kinds of other jobs.

A moving company can help you with everything

Fortunately, many moving companies can take many of these jobs off your hands. For this they offer moving services that can make your move a lot easier, but beware.. it also entails extra costs.

Packing and unpacking your things

Don't have the time or inclination to pack your things yourself? Then you can opt for a packing and/or unpacking service at the moving company. In this case, the movers will come and pack all the items one day before the moving day.

The best moving materials

This is of course done in a professional manner and the best moving materials are used for this. Do you also opt for an unpacking service? Then they will unpack everything for you in the new home.

A handyman

You can of course expect a handyman to be good at doing odd jobs. During a When you move, you sometimes have furniture that must be taken apart for transport. Many people do not know much about assembling or disassembling furniture and therefore choose to outsource this to a handyman.

Preventing damage

Of course you don't want your furniture to be damaged just before the move because you did something wrong! Furthermore, the handyman can also help with chores in the house such as removing paintings and / or the TV on the wall.

Temporary storage

Are you at a loss because of the amount of stuff you can't move with you? Of course you can't leave this one and maybe you don't want to throw it away.. what do you do?

Storage with movers

A moving company can take care of this for you and move you neatly. You can choose to store your belongings in the storage space of the moving company. This way your belongings are safely in the right place. You can have your stuff delivered to your home whenever you want.

Do you need a moving lift?

A rent a moving lift. When you live on a higher floor you will think about it faster, but sometimes you live on the ground floor and you eventually need a removal lift. How can this happen now?

Don't forget the elevator!

If you have experience with moving, the answer is very easy, but if you do not have much experience with this, it is more than logical that you do not immediately think of this.

A lift is sometimes necessary, but sometimes just handy

In many homes there are narrow doorposts or narrow stairwells. As a result, many objects do not fit through the door or stairwell and it is impossible to move without a removal lift.

You can also rent an elevator urgently

If you did not know this and only see it later, you can still rent a moving lift urgently. However, it is of course wise to check all this carefully in advance and to measure everything.

Find the best moving companies.

Professional moving companies will help you move with the best movers and the right tools. When you choose the right moving service, transporting your belongings becomes very easy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good moving company?

A moving company that is in possession of a NIWO certificate is already a professional moving company. Of course you also have Recognized Movers who offer many extras such as good insurance and guarantees.

What does a moving company cost per hour?

Moving companies usually charge €33 to €39 per mover per hour. It also depends, of course, on what extra moving services you purchase from the moving company. Call-out costs also play an important role in the costs.

Which month do most people move?

Spring is the most popular month to move. The high season for moving companies therefore starts in April and runs until the end of September.

Why a Recognized Mover?

Recognized Movers offer you good insurance and guarantees. This way you can hand over the move with confidence and you don't have to find out a lot about the conditions of the moving company.

How much does it cost to transport a sofa?

Transporting furniture often starts at €1 per kilometre. However, moving companies also offer affordable packages and it is wise to inform yourself well about this.