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Moving company Rotterdam

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Rotterdam is the second largest city in the Netherlands and is home to morge than 180 nationalities. The city is known for it’s cultural life, maritime heritage and modern architecture. Our large network of moving companies makes it easy for our clients in Rotterdam to find an affordable moving company with professional movers movers.

Professional movers

A Rotterdam moving company in our network will always provide you the best and most professional movers. The experienced movers have gained knowledge by working in the industry for years. So if you are looking forward to a stress free move whereby you do not have to do any work? Then you are in luck because these movers can fulfill the task that you do not want to do!

Some of the tasks that the full service movers can do are:

  • Supplying all packing materials such as packing paper. They also have all the supplies needed for your move which makes moving a lot easier for you because you do not have to go to different stores anymore for boxes, packing tape or bubble wrap.
  • The professional movers can pack up your belongings. Packing is not only time consuming but did you know that it is also one of the most difficult tasks during a move? You have to know how to exactly pack so that the items do not get damages during relocation. The movers are trained packers who know exactly how to pack your belongings.
  • Furniture disassembly can also be one of the jobs of the movers. If you have heavy furniture or some antique items it is of course important that it makes it to your final destination intact. This means that in some cases the furniture needs to be disassembled. The parts will also be reassembled in your new home.
  • The (un)loading of the truck with all of your moving boxes. The movers know exactly how to load everything safely in the truck. This way everything is properly insured during transportation. They will also unload the truck when they arrive at your new home.
  • Unpacking can also be part of the excellent service of the movers. While you can get used to your new house the movers can easily unpack everything for you and put it where it is supposed to go.
  • One of the unpleasant surprises of a moving is packing materials. It can leave you with dozens or even hundred of boxes. You do not have to worry about this anymore because an important service of the movers is to take care of these materials and make sure that they are properly disposed and recycled.

Professional moving materials

For a professional moving company it is not only important to have professional employees but it is also important to be equipped with professional moving materials. Examples of these are rollers that you can use for moving furniture, top quality moving blankets and straps. All these materials are of course free of charge and are included in the service of the moving company. This way the moving company can make your moving process a lot easier. The moving companies in our network work with the most competitive moving rates but will also offer you the best service with highly experienced movers.

Moving services and costs

The costs of a move for a large part depend on your personal wishes. Do you want a full service move? Then the move will of course cost a bit more then when you customize your move and do not chose for all the services or you can for example chose for student movers.

Do not hesitate to check out our network of movers when you need the best moving service in Rotterdam or a surrounding area such as Den Haag.

Moving company

(International) relocations are a hard job for everyone. It is a hard job for the moving companies but of course also for yourself. For the person that needs to move it can all be very stressful because there is so much that you have to do in so little time. For the moving company it is the same but they also have organize the whole relocation and take care of every step of the move. This is exactly the reason why it is so important for a moving company to stay in touch with the client from the beginning till the very end. The consultant of the moving company will start off by a little contact wit the client. This is called the pre-move consultation. During this meeting your belongings will be discusses, the services you want or need and you will also talk about the moving costs. After all this is done your case wil be handed over to the moving manager who will continue to organize your move. He will not be only responsible for the transportation of all of your belongings but he will be your guide from the beginning tot the end.

Are you an expat that is moving? Then it might be interesting for you to know that most of the moving companies in our network have a lot of experience in the field of moving expats. You can basically call them a expat moving company. We want to help very clients of our to move without any single piece of stress and that is why it is important for us that our network is easily accessible for you and that it is easy for you to find a moving company in Rotterdam.

Are you looking for a removal company?

A lot of the moving companies in our network are also removal companies. Even international removals! So if you need a removal after moving out you can make the best deal with the moving company. This way you do not need to look for other removal companies and use your time for fun things such as starting to decorate your new home for example!

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We made this easy for you because you only have to fill in the request form to receive a free quote from 5 different companies. This way you can compare the moving costs and choose the one that you want.

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