To move house? Rent or outsource a van

Before you move, it is wise to think carefully about a number of things. First of all, you must of course first decide whether you are going to carry out the move yourself or whether you want to outsource the move to a professional moving company. It is often wiser to hire a moving company because the risk of damage is very high if you move yourself.

A professional moving company

When you decide to hire a professional for the move moving company you don't have to arrange anything yourself. In this case, the moving company will look at exactly which items you want to transport so that they can use the right moving van for this. An average moving company carries out about 10-15 jobs per week and has knowledge of smooth moving.

Still prefer to arrange everything yourself

When you carry out the move yourself, this means that you have to arrange everything yourself. So so is one rent a moving van. What kind of moving truck do you actually need? Perhaps you can move with a small moving van and renting a large moving van is unnecessary. However, this really depends on your belongings.

Use our handy m3 calculator to calculate how much volume of stuff you have to move.

Many different types of moving vans

There are many different types of moving vans that you can rent. For example, you can rent a van, a box truck or even rent a truck! If you have a very large move planned, renting a truck is of course the best option because you then have more loading space available.

Pay attention when making your reservation!

Renting a moving van yourself can not only take up a lot of time, but when renting a moving van it is first important to look at what kind of driving license you need. For this you must of course always be in possession of at least a driving license B, but some larger cars ask for a different driving license. So pay close attention to this.

Rent a small moving van

Do you have little stuff and want to be able to quickly drive these things back and forth yourself? Then your own car is probably too small, but in this case it might be useful to rent a smaller moving van. You can rent a van or moving van and carry out the move yourself at a competitive price. Fast, easy and moving cheaply Of course that's what you want in the end, right?

Car rental to rent a van

In the Netherlands you can easily find car rental companies in the major cities. These are rental companies that, in addition to car rental, often also rent out removal vans or a delivery van for removals. When you rent one of the vans from a car rental company, you have to take into account the fact that you have to pick up the van yourself, drive it and return it yourself.

Don't have time for this? Rent a van from a moving company.

Rent a moving van

Have you searched all over your city and found nothing? Do you have no idea where you can rent moving vans at a good price? Then it might be nice to know that you have come to the right place with a professional moving company.

Renting a van or renting a moving van from a moving company means that they will also arrange everything for you. This includes transport, but also loading and unloading of your belongings moving boxes. Naturally, the staff always uses professional moving materials such as tension straps, a hand truck or moving blankets.

A moving company has several moving vans

A moving company often has a fleet where they have different types of moving vans. These can be moving vans such as delivery vans, but they can also be large moving vans or a large box truck with tail lift. In addition to renting a bus, you can often also go to a moving company for it rent a moving lift. A moving company also always has a moving van including moving blankets and other professional moving material available.

Is it an international move?

Do you go moving internationally and are you going to carry out the move yourself? Then you naturally wonder whether renting a moving van is actually possible. This is sometimes not possible with car rental companies, but it is usually possible with professional moving companies. In this case, you can rent a moving van and easily transport all your belongings abroad.

The cost of renting a moving van

You will move and of course you first want to know the average costs for this. Especially when you rent a van or moving van. You may have noticed during your search that the prices for renting a moving van or van vary considerably. This is due to several factors.

First of all, it depends on what kind of moving van you rent. Is it a large truck or is it a van with smaller dimensions? Are you going to transport and move everything yourself or do you rent here? movers in the front? Does the moving company have offices near you? There are so many factors that can determine the price and that is why it is best to request moving quotes for this.

Move cheaply with Moving

Don't have time to call every rental company in your area to request a quote? Then we understand you completely. Doesn't anyone really have time for that? That is why we at Moving have come up with a solution for this.

Free quotes with Moving

At Moving you can now easily do several with one application form moving quotes received and this service is completely free! All you have to do is fill in the application form on our website so that we can send it to the 6 best moving companies in your area.

How does it work exactly?

After we have sent your request to the 6 best moving companies in your region, these companies will contact you within 24 hours. This can be by e-mail, but often also by telephone.

You can then compare all quotes at your leisure and ultimately choose it moving company that is the best suits your budget and personal wishes. Moving can't make it any easier for you!