This is how you move a mattress

Moving can cause panic for many people. This actually makes sense because moving is actually quite scary. You don't just have to arrange a lot, which can all become very chaotic because things usually don't go the way you planned them. However, a move is about more than just moving stuff and that is that you also have to move.

So it is actually something that can be very tough both physically and mentally. Moving a mattress is also a challenge because it has an awkward shape. Read this article for more tips on moving a mattress.

Questions about moving a mattress

It may sound very strange, but we get a lot of questions from people who don't know how to move their mattress. We can imagine that if you don't know how to do this and are already stressed from the whole move, you have no idea where to start. We say this not only to put your mind at ease, but moving a mattress can also be very difficult. Mattresses are often large and also heavy.

A mattress must be transported correctly

Are you also moving and do you want to move your mattress with you? Then you have to do this the right way. Mattresses are not only large and heavy, but also very expensive and you will of course not want to buy a new mattress because the old one was damaged during the move. A mistake is made faster than you think..

At Moving we are happy to help you

At Moving we are happy to help you move cheaply and easily. That is why we are happy to give you tips on how to move your mattress safely. This way you know exactly what to do next time and you don't have to worry about lifting and transporting your mattress in the future.

Your mattress well maintained

In general, it is of course important to keep your mattress clean. This is not only hygienically sound, but this way your mattress will also last much longer. Ventilating your mattress and bedding, for example, is actually a must. You lose up to about half a liter of fluid every night! Turning your mattress regularly can also help to keep the mattress in good condition for longer. You can also vacuum the mattress weekly to prevent odors, dust and house dust mites.

Moving your mattress clean and cleaned

Before you move, it is best to clean your mattress well. You may be able to use a steam cleaner for this. This way your mattress is not only clean and ready for departure, but you can also use the mattress in the new home immediately.

Your mattress is well protected with a sturdy mattress cover

When you have cleaned your mattress and can finally move, you naturally want to protect it against external influences. After all, you don't want to drag your mattress all over the floor, right?

To protect your mattress, it is therefore best to use a plastic mattress cover. With a mattress cover you also have a better grip on your mattress. This is a professional mattress cover or sturdy plastic mattress bag that you can use when you move your mattress and do not want it to get dirty or damaged.

With these special mattress covers, the mattress can be placed on the floor together with other items without getting dirty or dusty. Make sure to seal the bag tightly so that your mattress cannot slip out.

Lift your mattress

Lifting a heavy mattress is no fun. It's tough and it should always be done in the right way. If you do not do this correctly, not only can your mattress be damaged or even tear, but this is also not very ergonomically responsible. Furthermore, rolling up a mattress or transporting a mattress folded is of course almost impossible, so you better not try this either.

You will also roll up a mattress or transport a mattress folded, the mattress can be damaged, because it can break from the inside. The best way is actually to move a mattress flat.

Moving a mattress flat to your new home

When moving, it is therefore best to transport mattresses flat. It may also seem useful, but it is better not to put heavy things on top of the mattresses. You can damage your mattress with this. Especially if you don't use the right mattress protectors.

Stack mattresses

You can always stack mattresses on top of each other. This makes it easier to place them in the moving van for transport. Your mattresses are of course all protected with a special cover as we advised you before, so you don't have to worry about dirt anymore. When stacking, make sure that you put the heaviest mattress on the bottom and the lightest mattress on top. Just like you actually do with the boxes when packing and moving.

You can also transport a mattress on its side

Is there not enough space in the moving van or is it simply impossible to transport the mattress flat? Then you can also choose to transport the mattress on its side. It is only important to secure the mattress in the moving van with tension straps.

Make sure that the tension strap is not too slack, otherwise your mattress could dent on the inside. And if the innerspring or pocket springs of your mattress break, it will of course be of no use to you.

Choose professional help

Do you really want to worry about nothing during the move? Then you can of course also choose to outsource your move to a professional moving company. Moving companies not only have the necessary knowledge and experience, but also have the right items and products to carry out your move properly and to move your mattress safely. Experienced movers simply know how to move a large mattress. Just to be sure, ask if they can bring a mattress cover.

Furniture transport

Do you not want to hand over your entire move, but do you just want some help with moving your mattress or other furniture such as a double, single bed or a small bed for children? Then you can also opt for only furniture transport. The movers will then only pick up the indicated objects and transport them with the correct protection in the removal vans.

Calculate moving costs

The costs for a move with a professional moving company do not have to be very high at all. However, it is for the right one price indication necessary to request a moving quote from the moving company. It is very difficult to simply estimate the costs of a move or furniture transport without any further information.

Free quotes at Moving

To compare the services and prices of different moving companies, you can now easily use several at Moving with one application form moving quotes to request. This is also completely free!

How does Moving work?

Moving actually works very simply. When you have submitted your free request and we have received it, we will send it directly to the 6 best moving companies in your area. These moving companies will then contact you within 24 hours. This way you can easily compare all moving quotes with each other. Which moving services does each company offer and what are their rates?

Choose the right moving company

After you have compared the moving companies with each other, you can ultimately choose the moving company that suits your personal wishes and budget. Do you ultimately choose to carry out the move or furniture transport yourself? Then this is of course no problem at all. You are not stuck with anything!