How often do people move on average?

Moving house is a common phenomenon among the Dutch. It Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) keeps track of how often people move and has interesting insights into the moving trends in the Netherlands. The number of relocations has increased in recent years and continues to change constantly. But how often do people move to live elsewhere? In this article, we dive into the numbers and look at different aspects of moving in the Netherlands.

Reasons for moving

People move for different reasons. Some move because of a new job, others because of expanding families, while still others are looking for a better home. It is interesting to know which factors influence the number of relocations. In addition, house prices also play a role in the decision to move. In general, people move several times in their lives. Especially in today's globalizing world, it is not often that people stay in one place. 

Average number of moves per person

Do you want to know how often people move in the Netherlands? Then we have selected this for you. On average, the Dutch move 7 times in their lives. This number is based on data from 2021 and 2022 from Statistics Netherlands. An average of 7 times in a lifetime is quite a lot! It is important to note that this is an average and some people move more often than others. There are people who never move and there are people who move several times a year. However, the average number of relocations gives a good picture of the relocation trend in the Netherlands. 

Age and moves

Age plays a role in moving. Statistics Netherlands has researched the age at which people move most often. The data shows that people in the age group between 25 and 35 move the most often. This is a period in which people often move into their first home and move, cohabit or have an extended family for the first time in their lives. As people get older, the number of moves decreases. Moving and people is something that can no longer be disassembled these days. 

Moving within the same municipality

Not all moves are long distances. Many people move within the same municipality. We do move, but not very far. They may find another property within the same city that better suits their needs. Statistics Netherlands has determined that moving within the same municipality is the most common form of moving. People often do not want to leave their familiar surroundings, but need a different home.

Moving to another home

In addition to moving within the same municipality, there are also people who choose to move to another city or region. This can be related to work, study or personal preferences. Moving to another home is often a big step and involves changes. Some people move to different parts of the country several times in their lives. At least one million people have moved worldwide this year.

Seasonal influences on moves

Moving often has a strong seasonal pattern. The number of moves varies per month and depends on various factors. For example, more moves take place in the summer months, because people often want to move before the new school year starts. In addition, the weather can also influence the number of relocations. In winter, people simply choose less often to live on their own. 

Moving and family situations

Relocations are often caused by changes in the family situation. For example, people move when they start living together, get married or have children. These changes bring new needs and may be a reason to move to another home. The number of moves is therefore strongly related to the family phase in which people find themselves. Even when we are younger we change jobs, people will move faster than when we are older. 

Influence of house prices on relocations

House prices and mortgage interest rates play an important role in the decision to move. If house prices rise, it may become more difficult for people to buy a home. This can lead to a decrease in the number of relocations. On the other hand, falling house prices can actually encourage people to move because they can buy a better home for a lower price. In any case, always view the owner-occupied home of your dreams when you want a new home. We Dutch people don't like to move too much and that's why you better choose the house of your dreams.

Future trends in moving

It is interesting to look at future trends in moving. Changes in society, economy and demographics can influence the number of relocations. For example, developments such as flexible working, digitization and changes in the family situation can lead to new moving trends. It remains important to keep following and understanding the relocation trends in the Netherlands. At least we now know that moving is quite difficult! 


In this article we looked at how often people move house in the Netherlands on average. According to Statistics Netherlands, the Dutch move about 7 times in their lives on average. The number of moves depends on several factors, including age, changes in family circumstances and house prices. Moving is an important event that often occurs in people's lives and is accompanied by changes and new opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people move in the Netherlands per year?

 This is quite an interesting question. On average, millions of people move every year in the Netherlands. The exact number varies annually.

At what age do people move most often?

People move most often between the ages of 25 and 35. This is a phase in which many changes take place, such as moving into a first home or expanding your family. For example, people in their early 20s are more likely to move out on their own. Moving elderly people to a care or nursing home is of course also becoming more common due to the increase in the number of elderly people. 

Are people moving to smaller homes more often?

It depends on the individual situation. Some people move to a smaller home because of personal preferences or cost savings, while others move to a larger home because of family expansion. A Dutch person will move on average 7 times in his life, but often to a better house.

What are the benefits of moving?

Moving can have several benefits, such as finding a better home that suits the needs of an individual or family, changing the environment, new job opportunities or improving the quality of life.

Are Americans more likely to move than the Dutch?

In general, Americans move more often than the Dutch. This may be due to differences in culture, economy and geography. It is important to understand the specific context of each country when comparing relocation trends.


This article provides an insight into how often people move house in the Netherlands on average. It shows that moving is a common phenomenon and that the number of moves depends on several factors. Moving is an important step that entails changes and offers opportunities for a better living situation.