Storing furniture during a move or renovation?

Are you planning a renovation or move? Or maybe you have a lot of nice stuff on marketplace bought it, but you don't really have room for it yet? Then you don't have to worry about this anymore because storing furniture is very easy these days!

Store stuff

Storing your stuff can be very useful during a renovation or move. (Temporary storage is easy to find, but it is important that you know what kind of (mobile) storage you are dealing with. In this article we would like to explain to you how the world of (temporary) storage works.

How can you rent a storage space?

Renting a storage box can be very simple. It is especially simple when you use the services of a professional moving company. When you choose a moving company, you don't have to do anything yourself. In this case, you can leave the loading, transport and unloading of your belongings to professional craftsmen.

Types of storage space

(Temporary) storage can be done in various ways. There are many self-storage companies where you can opt for furniture storage in, for example, containers or a small storage box, but you can also opt for somewhat larger storage spaces at, for example, moving companies.

When you look for storage, it is wise to always inform yourself first. For example, ask carefully whether it is a conditioned space, your household contents are insured and whether the storage is close to your (new) home.

Storing personal belongings

There are sometimes people who choose to rent out an extra space of their home. For example, you can think of a garage box, shed or, for example, a private parking space where you could place a container.

Don't just look at the price

It renting storage space from private individuals is often very cheap, but it is of course also important to look at the quality of the storage box. Of course, you want your belongings to be safe. So always first check whether you are dealing with the best space so that your belongings are not damaged during the storage period. Consider, for example, water damage or mold.

Furthermore, the services and conditions at private individuals are often not of the highest quality. Therefore, ask about this in advance and always ask if you can see the room first. Often this is not a problem.

Rent storage space at a household goods store

There are many self-storage companies in the Netherlands. They are happy to help you store your valuables. Unfortunately, in this case it is often the case that the storage boxes are not very large, so you would have to rent several boxes. This will of course increase the costs.

You have to arrange everything yourself

When you opt for self-storage, this means that you have to arrange everything yourself. For example, you have to rent a bus so that you can drive the stuff to the storage space. You also have to load the bus yourself and you also have to unload it yourself. Furthermore, in this case it is also very important to always read the terms and conditions carefully so that you do not have to deal with hidden costs later on. Therefore always make clear agreements.

Rent a moving container

When remodeling, mobile storage such as a moving container be very easy. People often think that you need a permit for this type of storage, but this is no longer necessary at many municipalities in the Netherlands. Then making a report is enough.

A container as storage is very easy

Containers are very easy to move and use. For example, the container is placed in a parking space in front of your door by the rental company so that you can easily use it. The container can be locked at night, so you can leave everything in the container with peace of mind.

A moving company

Do you want store furniture at competitive prices, but do you want good quality storage? Then in this case it is best to go to a professional moving company to elect. Not only is their storage of very good quality and they have different storage boxes, but these moving companies also have all the professional materials to provide you with a good service. Furthermore, your belongings in their storage are always secured with the help of camera surveillance.

Professional movers

Professional movers will take care of everything for you. You no longer have to arrange a bus and they will also take care of the loading and unloading of your belongings. Furthermore, their furniture storage areas are of good quality, so your belongings are not at risk of being damaged.

Pay attention to your home contents insurance

When you opt for (temporary) storage, it is very wise to always check your insurance carefully. Your belongings are not always properly insured in storage and you naturally want to leave them in the storage with peace of mind. Therefore, check your contents insurance carefully in advance so that you can make adjustments to your policy if necessary.

Is (temporary) storage really useful?

If you have never stored your belongings before, the idea of a household contents storage facility can sound quite scary. You're not just going to store your stuff somewhere, are you? But we can tell you that with most providers in the Netherlands you don't have to worry about your valuables. Such a storage box is usually well secured. Furthermore, a storage box is very useful because you determine the size and rental period of the space yourself. This means that you still need items and/or items in the meantime moving boxes can load or unload. For example, do you have items that you have forgotten and therefore not saved? Then you might be able to rent a trailer for a day and drive your stuff back and forth.

How big should your storage space be?

How much storage space you need depends of course on various factors. Do you have a lot of furniture? Is it big furniture or is it small furniture? Do you perhaps need a small storage box because you have little furniture or do you need large storage because you have a lot of and large furniture?

Calculate your m3

To know how big the storage area must be, it is necessary to calculate the m3 of your household effects. When you know this, you can calculate exactly how big the storage box should be. Some people are good at math and still know exactly how to do this, but to be very honest.. most people have forgotten how to do this. You don't calculate the m3 of something every day, do you?

Use our m3 calculator for free

To make it easy for you, we have now put our new and handy m3 calculation tool online. By answering a number of small questions the calculator the size of your belongings calculate. This way you not only know exactly how large the storage space should be, but you also immediately know which moving van is needed for your move. This calculator can also be useful during a renovation.

Storage space costs

The final costs for renting a storage space are very different. Everyone's furniture is different, of course, but so are everyone's wishes, which means that the costs are always different. It is also the case that companies charge different prices for business customers than for their private customers. The prices for renting the storage also depend on the size of the space and, of course, on the location.

Free quotes at Moving

Are you moving or renovating and do you have things that you want to store (temporarily)? Then you can rent a storage space for this. You can now request free quotes from Moving for the exact prices for this.

How does Moving work?

At Moving you can receive quotes from 6 different moving companies by submitting one application form! This is completely free and is all there just to make it all a bit easier for you. Once we receive your application, we will send it to the best companies in your area and they will contact you within 24 hours. This can be on the telephone number or e-mail you provided

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to store furniture?

You can make storage as cheap or expensive as you want. For example, you can often rent small spaces for €4 per month, while you can also rent large spaces for €120 per month.

How to store furniture?

Clean the furniture well, let it dry and only then wrap it. If you do not do this, the objects can start to mold and you do not want this.

How do I lose my furniture?

You can give away, donate or sell your furniture. You can also have it collected by bulky waste.

Is a sofa bulky waste?

Yes, bulky waste is waste that is too big or too heavy for the normal container and of course this is your sofa too.

Who will pick up furniture for free?

Thrift stores are happy to pick up free furniture. The municipality's bulky waste service is also free.