Free moving boxes save on moving costs

Are you moving soon and are you planning the entire move? Are you already stressing about how many moving boxes are needed for your move? Then you are not the only one, because the prices for moving boxes have become increasingly expensive in recent times.

Are you moving soon?

Als je een wat hoger budget hebt kun je uiteraard verhuisdozen kopen in de bouwmarkt of met een verhuisservice bij een moving company, maar je kunt ze soms ook gratis of een stuk goedkoper aanschaffen.

Oh, and there are also many (free) alternatives to moving boxes that are often more sustainable. And when using the moving service of a moving company, you often also have to pay a deposit.

But how do you actually get free moving boxes? We are happy to help you with this article, so empty further if you want more tips about finding free moving boxes.

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Need free moving boxes?

Family and friends can often make you very happy with this. Perhaps an aunt or uncle still has free moving boxes in the attic.

Maybe you will not only get free moving boxes, but you will also be doing them a favor because they will finally get rid of these unpacked moving boxes.

Tips for free moving boxes

For sturdy and free moving boxes, it is wise to also browse the internet. On marketplace for example, there are often professional moving boxes available for you to pick up for free. These moving boxes often belong to people who have just moved and therefore have no use for these boxes anymore.

The moving boxes are usually offered for free, but very occasionally people ask for a small fee. However, this fee for their moving boxes is often a lot lower and you are also environmentally friendly.

You can also go to online webshops for professional moving boxes moving materials. Here you can order professional moving material and usually have it delivered the next day. Couldn't be easier.

Moving boxes in the supermarket

It may sound very strange, but the supermarket is actually the place to find free moving boxes. You may not have noticed it before, but at the exit there is often a large corner where you can find empty boxes and you can almost always take them for free!

Orange boxes and banana boxes

Of these boxes, orange boxes and banana boxes are the best to use because they are sturdy, which means that you can pack a little more. But if you can't find banana or orange boxes, you can of course also use other boxes.

Did you know that the thrift store near you probably has a lot of moving boxes? The thrift store collects a moving van full of furniture and boxes every day. You just have to ask the store and you might be in luck!

Just walk into the store and ask about their moving boxes! This way you may no longer have to buy a single moving box.

Have you already looked for boxes in your own home, but have you been unable to find anything? Then you may have overlooked other alternatives during your search. For example, you don't always have to put your things in moving boxes, do you?

Use our moving boxes calculator for free

When you move, you naturally have no idea how many moving boxes you need for all your belongings. For this you need to know the size of your household effects and for this you need the cubic meters of your household goods. This can be quite tricky.

Do you want to know how much stuff you have and how many moving boxes you need for this? Then you can now easily use our free Free moving boxes calculator. You only have to answer a few questions so that the calculator can estimate everything for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get free moving boxes?

Friends, family, acquaintances, colleagues and even neighbors can often help you with this. Can't find moving boxes with them? Then you can still look around on Marktplaats. Here they are often offered for free or for a very small fee.

How many moving boxes does 1 person need?

A 1-person household will use about 15 to 20 moving boxes for the move.

What do moving boxes cost at Action?

The Action moving boxes cost €0.98 each. These moving boxes measure 48 x 34 x 33 centimeters and have a capacity of 54 litres.

Does Hema have moving boxes?

Hema certainly has moving boxes! You can even find these in different sizes at Hema.

Does Ikea have moving boxes?

Yes, IKEA has moving boxes of different sizes.