Electric moving van: sustainable solution for environmentally conscious moving

Sustainability has never been more popular and nowadays almost everyone has sustainable moving company including electric transport. This makes electric moving easier than ever!

Sustainable moving

Unfortunately, it is often not possible to move 100% in an environmentally friendly way, but together we can certainly ensure a move that causes as little damage to the environment as possible.

Think about the little things

During a move you can take into account the amount and type of packing material you use. As you have read earlier, you can also opt for electric moving vans these days. Such electric vehicles already make your move a lot more environmentally friendly.

Benefits electric moving truck

An electric moving van not only has sustainable benefits, but it also ensures that your move can go faster, for example. We are happy to explain some advantages to you.

1. Access to the environmental zones of the center

The very first electric moving van was of course introduced some time ago, but since the environmental zones in the Netherlands will increase in 2025, electric mobility has become even more important for moving companies. So you can imagine that their (electric) fleet has expanded enormously.

Such a fully electric moving van is very useful in a large city such as the municipality of Amsterdam, for example.

2. Better air quality

Electric cars and therefore also electric moving vans have no CO2 emissions and when people use these electric cars more, you immediately notice this in the air quality. For example, there is no more smog, which also reduces lung complaints.

3. Less noise pollution

Electric moving vans are a lot quieter than diesel or petrol moving vans. In addition to less air pollution, there is also less noise pollution, which is very positive for nature.

4. It's better for the environment

As you have just been able to read, an electric moving van is very good for the environment in various areas. Electric moving therefore also means the same sustainable moving!

How many kilometers can an e-moving van do?

How many kilometers electric removal vans can drive and what their range is, depends on various factors. These are the consumption per kilometer (kWh/km) and the capacity of the battery (kWh). In general, electric moving vans are said to have a range of 200 km to 400 km.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a moving van?

A moving van can be a large truck, but also a small van, for example. One thing that is certain is that a moving van is necessary during a move. In this way, the move can also be carried out faster and more safely.

Is electric driving good?

An electric moving van or electric car is much better for the climate. An electric car emits 60% less CO2 over its entire 'life' than a non-electric car. An electric car releases a total of approximately 19,000 kilos of CO2 and a fuel car releases 52,000 kilos of CO2.

How does an electric car work?

In an electric car you are mainly concerned with the accelerator. When you press it, energy from the battery is used to turn the electric motor. When you release the pedal or brake, the electric motor becomes a dynamo. It then takes this energy back and stores it directly in the battery.

Is an electric car always an automatic?

An electric car has no gears and is therefore always automatic.

How often should you charge an electric car?

Every time the battery is charged, it is also loaded and the capacity of your battery will therefore decrease every time. It is therefore not recommended to charge the car every day. Every other day or 2 days is often sufficient.