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Moving company costs 2023

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– Milan van Leeuwen

How much does a moving company cost

A move is usually chaotic. Let's be honest about this. It is true that a lot is involved in a move. For example, you have administrative matters that you need to arrange, but also practical matters.

What affects moving company costs

The cost of hiring one moving company consist of three parts. It also varies per fresh removal company how these costs are passed on. The largest costs are labor hours and transport.

Transport costs

A small truck costs on average for a moving company between €83 and €91 and a slightly larger truck between €97 and €107. However, moving companies often also offer package prices, which makes it a lot cheaper if you purchase an entire package, so inform yourself well!

Movers costs

When you use the outsourced relocation With a professional moving company, your move will of course be a lot easier. In this case, professional movers will move all your belongings properly. A moving company usually charges between €33 and €39 per hour per mover.

Cost of moving material

For professional moving equipment you will usually spend between €150 and €250.

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Outsource a move

Carrying out your own move can be complicated and that is why more and more Dutch people choose to outsource their move to a professional moving company. This way, experienced movers can safely move your belongings to your new home and you don't have to worry about anything. Such an extra mover ensures a smooth move at all times.

When you are a private individual will move it is important to keep everything running smoothly. Not only is good preparation very important, but you also have to feel strongly about this as a person. When you move, it is not just about moving furniture, but also the people involved have to move.

When you hire several movers, they can help you with the move and you can focus on other things. This can be very nice if, for example, other family members are also involved in the move.

When you hand over the move, you don't have to worry about anything anymore. The movers know exactly how to arrange everything and how to pack, move and unpack (large) furniture.

What does a move cost on average?

For the move of a flat, you usually pay between € 850 and € 1100 with a professional moving company. For a terraced house, this will soon rise to between €1200 and €1900. Do you live in an even bigger house? Then you will spend approximately between € 1850 and € 2650.

The total moving costs differ per type of moving company. You probably noticed this during your search. Many people then often wonder how this is possible... that there are such differences in prices. This is of course not easy and we are happy to explain this to you.

Recognized moving companies

In the Netherlands there is a branch organization in the moving world called Erkende Verhuizers. All moving companies in the Netherlands, so both regional movers and national moving companies can choose to join.

Why do moving companies join?

A moving company that chooses to join the organization usually does so because of the benefits it brings. These are mainly advantages with regard to guarantees and insurance for the customer.

For example, all Recognized Movers have the same conditions so that they can provide their customers with a guarantee certificate during the booking. With this you can be sure as a customer that the move will continue at all times. Your household effects are also very well insured during the move. Within the Netherlands this is up to € 100,000 and you will receive the replacement value of the items in the event of damage.

Moving costs a little more with a Recognized Mover

A moving company that joins the organization must of course pay certain costs to the organization for this. Recognized Movers also have higher costs for staff and their premises. These costs are of course passed on to the customer, which means that the rates for recognized removal companies are always a lot higher.

Is an unauthorized moving company less good?

Many moving companies in the Netherlands choose not to join the trade association. Are they less good then? No, this is definitely not the case. A moving company can be good or bad because of the services they offer and the way they do it. Joining a trade association has no further effect on this.

Why would a moving company prefer not to join?

An important reason that an unrecognized moving company chooses not to join is because of the costs. When a moving company remains independent, it can also determine the prices itself and when they do not have to pay high costs to an organization, they do not have to pass on high costs to the customer. This is why these moving companies are a lot cheaper.

Always pay close attention to the conditions for non-Approved Removers

The costs of a moving company that has not joined are therefore lower, but you should not forget that these moving companies often do not offer you the conditions and guarantees that recognized moving companies can offer you.

Additional moving services

Have you next to it hiring a number of movers Do you need any additional services? Then a moving company can always help you with this. These moving services will of course increase the costs of a move a bit, but sometimes these services are necessary and you cannot ignore them. We are happy to discuss the most popular services with you.

Rent a moving lift

Do you live on a higher floor? Then you often know in advance that it is rent a moving lift is probably necessary. When you live on the ground floor, you don't think about this so quickly. However, renting a moving lift can sometimes also be necessary if you do not live on a higher floor.

For example, when moving from a detached house, you may sometimes need a removal lift because your belongings sometimes do not fit through the door frame or stairwell. In these cases, the only option for a safe move is to rent a moving lift.

(Temporary storage

Do you have a big move coming up, but is it unfortunately not possible to have all your belongings moved? In this case you can also choose to rent (temporary) storage. During a complete move a storage space is often used because in some cases certain furniture cannot be moved with you.

The exact costs of your move

How much does a move cost right now exactly? It is very difficult to say in advance what a move will cost. The cost of a moving company not only depends on the type of moving company, but the costs also depend on other different factors. You can consider the call-out costs, the amount of items, whether you are moving on a weekday or your own personal wishes, such as hiring additional moving services. There are also several factors that determine the costs. Of course, the how many movers are needed whether the movers have to pack and whether you also want them to unpack. As you can see, additional information is needed to calculate the costs of a move.

Save on moving costs and request quotes

For the exact costs of your move, it is best to request multiple quotes from different moving companies. This way you know exactly what a move costs at a moving company and you can also compare the services offered. We understand that not everyone has the time to contact every moving company in the area to find out the final costs, which is why we at Moving have come up with a solution for this.

At Moving you can now receive multiple quotes with one application form and this service is completely free! As soon as we have received your application form, we will forward it to the 6 best moving companies in your region. They will then contact you within 24 hours and when you have received all quotes and see all services and prices, you can ultimately choose the moving company that suits your wishes and budget.

When you request a quote from Moving, you are not committed to anything. Do you decide later to carry out the move yourself? Then of course this is also possible!

Would you prefer an overview of the average costs of your move for yourself? Then you can now stop searching online for 'moving company costs', 'average moving costs' or 'moving company costs' because unfortunately this will not make you much wiser.

To calculate the average costs for yourself, you can now use our relocation calculator for free. Be well prepared because the calculator does need the necessary information regarding your household effects. If you enter everything correctly, the calculator will give you a good indication of the total costs. Move easily with Moving!


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs of a moving company?

The average moving costs for a flat or apartment are between €850 and €1100. For a terraced house, the average price is between €1200 and €1900. For a semi-detached house or detached house, the costs will quickly rise to between € 1850 and € 2650.

How much does a moving company cost per day?

A move costs an average of between €850 and €1100 for a flat or apartment. A terraced house between €1200 and €1900. For a semi-detached house or detached house, you pay approximately between €1850 and €2650.

How far in advance to arrange a moving company?

A moving company prefers to be informed of a move as early as possible. Preferably at least 4 to 5 weeks before the move.

Can you move in 1 day?

Many removals are carried out in 1 day. You should check with the moving company whether this is also possible with your move, because various factors are taken into account.

Which month do most people move?

Spring is the most popular season to move in the Netherlands. Moving companies consider the months of April to September to be their peak season.

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