Moving a sofa: safe and efficient with our step-by-step guide

Moving a sofa during a move can sometimes be difficult. Moving a sofa to a new destination must of course be done in the right way. If a sofa is not moved properly, not only can the sofa be damaged, but your home is also at risk of damage.

Moving a couch

When you have your (new) sofa or other objects will move then you naturally want them to arrive in their new home in one piece. It is not only important that these items are transported safely, but packing the items, for example, is also very important.

Moving your sofa tips

Are you going to carry out the move yourself and therefore also transport the sofa yourself? Then you have to do this in a safe way. When it is done correctly, there is no problem at all and you can move to the new house without any problems. We are happy to give you some tips.

Can the sofa be lifted?

Do you remember how your couch was carried into the current home? Could the couch be moved through the stairwell and just through the door or was this done through the window?

Rent a moving lift

Perhaps even an elevator was used because the stairwell or doorway were too narrow. If this was the case then, you will now also have one before moving moving elevator have to rent. So keep this in mind.

Does the sofa have to be moved through the window?

Does it appear that your sofa does not fit through the doors or the stairwell? Then of course you have to come up with a solution for this and often this solution is the balcony or the window.

As you have read before, you can rent a removal lift in this case, but there is another solution for this. If possible of course.

The ground floor

Don't you live on a higher floor? Then it might be possible to completely remove a window in the house. If in this case the sofa does not fit in front of the doors or the stairwell, this is often the only solution.

Pack stuff

Not only your sofa, but also other objects should not be damaged during the move. Many people do not pack their belongings properly during removals, which means that the items are damaged and you can often throw them away in the new home.

The right moving materials

During the move it is important to choose the right one moving materials to use. This way you can pack sofas, the washing machine and other white goods in the right way.

Make sure you buy wrapping film, tape and moving blankets anyway. Do you have a leather sofa? Then it is good to know that you cannot stick this type of foil directly on the sofa. In this case you have to provide an intermediate layer. It is best to wrap the legs of the sofa with tape.

Old blankets and sheets

Do you still have old blankets and/or sheets lying around? Then you can use these blankets to protect your sofa during transport. That way you don't have to buy too many moving blankets.

Clean your couch well in advance

Before you start wrapping the sofa, it is important that you first clean it very well. This is not only useful for the new house, but it also prevents stains. The fact is that if there is dirt between the sofa and the foil, this can cause stains that you may not be able to get out later.

Transporting the couch

Transporting the sofa must of course be done with a moving van. If possible, it is wise to choose to transport the sofa upright. If you transport the sofa on its side during transport, damage can occur due to the weight distribution. Then you may soon run out of tasty fillings or pillows and of course you don't want this!

A couch is heavy and that is why you cannot put it in yourself moving van places. Therefore arrange an extra porter in good time who can help you with this. It can also help you with other furniture at the same time!

Move the couch

Have you read our tips about transporting/moving a couch and found out that you find it all way too complicated? Thank you also choose to have the couch transported by a professional moving company. Such an mover often has years of experience and can safely deliver your sofa to the new address with the right manpower.

The costs of moving a bank

Do you want to carry out the move yourself, but do you only want to have the sofa lifted, transported and moved for real professionals? Then you probably want to know the average costs for this.

Transport service costs

The average price for transporting and moving a sofa is approximately €65. However, the costs for this depend greatly on the situation and your wishes. For example, how many movers are needed? Are you moving to a home in the same street or to another municipality?

Moving your entire household contents

Moving companies not only charge call-out costs, but they often also charge a surcharge if they have to drive to your home for a single piece of furniture. Therefore, in this case it may be a cheaper option to have all large pieces of furniture moved by the moving company.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to transport a sofa?

Transporting a sofa does not have to be very expensive and costs between €53 and €63 at a moving company.

What if the sofa doesn't fit through the door?

If the sofa does not fit through the door or stairwell, you can opt for a removal lift. This way you can safely move the sofa and other objects through the window or balcony.

How can I transport a sofa?

You can lift a sofa, but you can also use a hand truck or furniture roller for this. You often need a smaller moving van to transport the sofa.

Who picks up a free couch?

The thrift store is happy to do this, but other charities are often willing to collect household items that are still usable for free.

Who can I make happy with furniture?

You can often make good causes very happy with old furniture. And the thrift store too! This one even picks it up for free! Do you want to earn some pocket money? Then you can also sell the furniture via Marktplaats, for example.